Friday, December 24, 2010

God Rest Ye Humble Readers...

... let nothing you dismay. Remember Christ our Saviour was born upon this day...

I'm sorry I haven't been around much in recent days.  We are slowly getting into a routine (and now that I've said that, my precious Ginevra will throw things all out of whack again) and I can't express how joyful we are this particular holiday season. 

I hope that you and your loved ones are happy and healthy this Christmastide, and that you have the time to truly enjoy the blessings of this season. 

I had hoped to have the birth story written by now, and it is in the works... my new goal is to have it done by New Years. 

From my Beloved, our sweet Ginevra, and me, we wish you a Merry Christmas (or whatever form your winter holiday season takes) and a blessed New Year, and we send you...

... tidings of comfort and joy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Procrastination

Good Evening Humble Readers!

I should be doing the dishes or dusting my oh-so-messy house, but I wanted to just come and hang out here for a bit.  No one tell on me, k?

Breastfeeding isn't all rainbows and daisies yet... we've only had a couple of successful attempts at home, but things are trucking along.  The hardest part is getting her into a comfortable position for the both of us, especially when my Beloved isn't here to lend a hand.  She's also had some 'spit up' issues over the last few days.  Because it happens with both breastmilk and formula equally, I think it's more a case of her over-eating... she's like a little goldfish, I swear!  She just overfills the tank and it's gotta go somewhere right?  It almost always happens when I'm burping her. 

My mat leave benefits have FINALLY kicked in, so we are no longer as desperate financially as we were.  I think I may have to do battle to get my money for October, but things are looking up in that part of life.

Weight loss has slowed immensely, but that's okay.  I'm bouncing between two numbers that are still below where I was when we got married almost four years ago. 

I am at a huge loss as to what to get my Beloved for Christmas.  I have a few small things for him, but what I really want to get him is not in the budget just now.  Any ideas?

I have a new favourite tv commercial.  It makes me giggle like a 8 year old...

Way too cute, right?

A question... did any of you mommas out there find that your skin changed during pregnancy?  I have always had oily/shiny skin, but since about halfway through the second trimester to now (and it's gotten worse since Ginevra's arrival) my skin has been crazy dry and rough. 

Gotta run, the wee one is squawking. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank Heaven...

... for small victories, Humble Readers!

We finally got our appointment with a lactation consultant today (last week's appointment had to be rescheduled because the consultant was sick), and I wasn't holding out much hope.  Every time, over the last two weeks, Ginevra and I would try the whole breastfeeding thing, we would both end up frustrated, and in her case screaming. 

I was anxious when we got to the clinic because my experience with the nurses in the hospital wasn't the greatest.  I was sure that I was going to be told (again) that my nipples were too big, that the combination  of high blood pressure, GD, and c-section had screwed my chances of bf-ing, or the dreaded 'just relax and it will happen'. 

Denise, the consultant, totally made everything okay tho.  We started by just talking through the hurdles we've faced up to this point and what may be causing them.  Then she took a look at 'the girls' and at Ginevra's mouth.  My nipples are good, altho a little raw from pumping all the time.  Ginevra has a bit of a tongue tie, and she doesn't like to open her mouth real wide unless she's screaming.   

As an aside, I have never ever had so many people manhandle my b00bs as I have in the last couple of weeks.  They say that having a baby makes you more comfortable showing off all your goods, but it still weirds me out. 

She then had me lay down and do some skin to skin time with Ginevra.  After about 20 minutes we moved to a chair, and after some initial fussing, my beautiful little girl latched on and nursed like a champ!  It took a little working to get the right position, and to get my 'ginourmous' (as one nurse at the hospital called them) nipple into the right spot in her mouth, but she did it.  I was ready to cry, I was so happy! 

I know we still have a ways to go yet, and that it will likely be a bumpy road, but we are on our way.  I have another appointment with her next week, and we'll just keep on trying. 

I still can't believe the weight I'm losing.  It's slowed down now, but I'm almost 40lbs down from 16 days ago.  My maternity pants AND my pre-pregnancy jeans are falling off me when I walk.  I can't wait until I'm cleared for exercise... who knows how much I'll be able to lose!

I have a rather modest goal considering how much I 'should' lose, albeit an odd one.  My Beloved is almost a full foot taller than me, and he weighs 25lb less than I do right now.  I want to weigh less than my husband by our anniversary in April.  I don't care if it's only half a pound less... I want to be lighter than my husband. 

Think it's possible?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Checking In...

Howdy Humble Readers!

I can't believe how the last week has flown by.  I'm working on our birth story, but honestly I'm struggling with the earliest parts because everything seemed to go so slowly for so long, and then it hit hyper-speed. 

Our Family!

My black and blue belly (from all the insulin and the assorted shots I got after Ginevra was born) is slowly turning a grotesque shade of yellow and green.  My staples were removed on Saturday and now the inscision is itchy beyond belief.  And check out that new ticker to the right... I am currently more than 20 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight!  It's like I'm melting away.

My rings are back on.  I'm done with the insulin and my blood sugars have been well within target when I do random checks.  I have to go for another GTT after my six-week check up. 

I did have a little scare the other day.  The public health nurse had come by to do a check on Ginevra and I, and she did a bp check on me.  I had been feeling dizzy and light-headed for a day or so, and had some troubles taking a deep breath the night before.  My bp was sky high and I was retaining a lot of water.  She stopped the check up at that point and sent us to my doc immediately.  Long story short, I'm back on the Lobe.talol, and all is much better now.  We'll see how my bp is when I go back to the doc at the end of the month. 

Ginevra's first bath - in the hospital
Ginevra is doing amazingly well... she's surpassed her birth weight already, and other than a few issues with gassiness she's a very happy little girl.  She sleeps anywhere from 3-6 hours at a stretch and eats well.  Cloth diapering is going great, and I don't know why people choose to use disposables when there are such great products and services out there.  The only area that we're still struggling is with bf-ing.  Because of my blood pressure, the c-section, and the GD, I had next to no milk for the first several days, so we had to go with formula (which was a frustration for me).  I'm now on some meds to help my milk supply (which it has, in spades!), and Ginevra is on mostly breastmilk, albeit from a bottle.  I've been trying to use a nipple shield to help her, which is working somewhat, but mostly she gets mad because she can't get milk as quickly from me as she can from a bottle. 
One of my favourites - in the car seat, on the way home from the hospital
All in all, I think things are going really well.  Even when we have frustrating moments (like when I had to throw the covers to the couch cushions in the wash at 2am because she spit up all over them), I am still so incredibly thankful and happy.  My Beloved is amazing with her, and I am so very proud of him!  He's also been great with looking after me and making sure that I'm not overdoing it. 

I will hopefully be able to start checking back in with all of you soon.  It seems like when I'm not feeding, pumping, or changing diapers, I'm doing laundry or trying to catch up on sleep. 

I hope you are all well... and that you are enjoying a magical holiday season!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hobbit-ish Thoughts On Motherhood (3 1/2 Days In)

Good Morning Humble Readers...

Where to begin? 

Right now my brain is still foggy and more than a bit love-addled, so I apologize if this post makes no sense at all. 

Our precious Halfling, who for privacy's sake will hereafter be referred to as Ginevra (bonus points if you can name the literary reference), has altered our life immensely and so much for the better.  Even in the midst of a postpartum emotional meltdown or frustrations over my lack of breast milk, I wouldn't give a single moment up. 

Words fail me when it comes to how I feel just now... at least I can't seem to string them together in anything resembling an articulate manner.  So, what follows is just a sampling of words and phrases that describe my mental, physical, and emotional state from the last few days...

Immensely Joyful
So Hungry
Losing All Sense of Time
Full of Wonder
Beyond Blessed

I want to send a special thank you to Kristin for looking after my corner of the blogosphere and introducing our Ginevra to you all!  Thank you my friend! 

The birth story will come soon.  I need to get my thoughts and feelings together in one place about the whole experience.  Thank you for all your well wishes, good thoughts and prayers... it means so much to me to be able to share this with you all!