Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank Heaven...

... for small victories, Humble Readers!

We finally got our appointment with a lactation consultant today (last week's appointment had to be rescheduled because the consultant was sick), and I wasn't holding out much hope.  Every time, over the last two weeks, Ginevra and I would try the whole breastfeeding thing, we would both end up frustrated, and in her case screaming. 

I was anxious when we got to the clinic because my experience with the nurses in the hospital wasn't the greatest.  I was sure that I was going to be told (again) that my nipples were too big, that the combination  of high blood pressure, GD, and c-section had screwed my chances of bf-ing, or the dreaded 'just relax and it will happen'. 

Denise, the consultant, totally made everything okay tho.  We started by just talking through the hurdles we've faced up to this point and what may be causing them.  Then she took a look at 'the girls' and at Ginevra's mouth.  My nipples are good, altho a little raw from pumping all the time.  Ginevra has a bit of a tongue tie, and she doesn't like to open her mouth real wide unless she's screaming.   

As an aside, I have never ever had so many people manhandle my b00bs as I have in the last couple of weeks.  They say that having a baby makes you more comfortable showing off all your goods, but it still weirds me out. 

She then had me lay down and do some skin to skin time with Ginevra.  After about 20 minutes we moved to a chair, and after some initial fussing, my beautiful little girl latched on and nursed like a champ!  It took a little working to get the right position, and to get my 'ginourmous' (as one nurse at the hospital called them) nipple into the right spot in her mouth, but she did it.  I was ready to cry, I was so happy! 

I know we still have a ways to go yet, and that it will likely be a bumpy road, but we are on our way.  I have another appointment with her next week, and we'll just keep on trying. 

I still can't believe the weight I'm losing.  It's slowed down now, but I'm almost 40lbs down from 16 days ago.  My maternity pants AND my pre-pregnancy jeans are falling off me when I walk.  I can't wait until I'm cleared for exercise... who knows how much I'll be able to lose!

I have a rather modest goal considering how much I 'should' lose, albeit an odd one.  My Beloved is almost a full foot taller than me, and he weighs 25lb less than I do right now.  I want to weigh less than my husband by our anniversary in April.  I don't care if it's only half a pound less... I want to be lighter than my husband. 

Think it's possible?


  1. Sweet Mrs. Gamgee, HANG IN THERE with the can be SO frustrating wanting to do what you feel is best for your daughter and not having it work easily. Glad to hear that after your skin-to-skin time, Ginvera was able to feed easily. YAY! Here's hoping she gets more used to it and things get easier for both of you in the BF department really soon.

    Big KUDOS on your weight loss. And YES, I think you can definitely lose the weight before your anniversary...look how amazing your progress has been thus far! YOU GO, GIRL! :)

  2. Wow! 40 lbs! That is AMAZING! Go you! I definitely think in 5 months you can take it off.

    And I am thrilled that you and G got in some bf'ing! You are on your way, and you will be champs in no time! Congrats on all fronts :)

  3. Breastfeeding can be challenging but it sounds like you're up for it. Keep trying!

    I think you can absolutely lose the weight. I bet that jump start on the loss feels AMAZING. Just keep the momentum!

  4. You are doing a fantastic job and keep it up! I's so glad you got it figured out and that the two of you were nursing happily despite your ginormous nipples! ;) LOL!!

    I know what you mean about the goal, I've lost 60 lbs and am thrilled that I weigh less than my ultra skinny hubby!! He's under weighed me for the last 15 yrs, but since having baby boo I'm under him by 30 lbs - woot, woot! If I can do it, so can you! (ps when you get cleared for exercise look for a mommy and baby workout group, they are great fun!)

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. I wish you continued success! I'm dying to see how much I'll weigh after I finally have the baby.

    I'm glad you've had some success with the breast feeding too. I can only imagine what a huge relief that is!

  6. You are doing such an awesome job working through the breastfeeding issues.

    And, yes, it is absolutely possible to be at a lower weight than your husband in time for your anniversary.

  7. So glad the breast feeding is going better ;) congrats on the weight loss. How much do they expect you to loose once you give birth? I have no idea about this stuff.

  8. Good work on the bfing and for sticking it out!

    You can totally lose the weight by April! Just imagine what a little bit of exercise [like a strollercize class maybe??] could do too??

  9. glad to hear things are looking up and I am sure you can lose the weight. Go girl!

  10. Go Ginny (and Mommy!)! It's hard to work it out with huge boobs and nips in the beginning. I was about to pull my hair out getting Baby G (who I have considered calling Harry on my blog as he is "the boy that lived") to nurse in the beginning and now it's second nature. As she gets stronger and more used to the action she'll catch on and it will get easier.

    Hooray on the weight loss!!!! If you go the way I did, you'll have no problem dropping below your husband (that's my goal, too!) by April. I'm down 72 pounds in 15 weeks (that ON the steroids!)...

    So, so, so happy for you!


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