Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Procrastination

Good Evening Humble Readers!

I should be doing the dishes or dusting my oh-so-messy house, but I wanted to just come and hang out here for a bit.  No one tell on me, k?

Breastfeeding isn't all rainbows and daisies yet... we've only had a couple of successful attempts at home, but things are trucking along.  The hardest part is getting her into a comfortable position for the both of us, especially when my Beloved isn't here to lend a hand.  She's also had some 'spit up' issues over the last few days.  Because it happens with both breastmilk and formula equally, I think it's more a case of her over-eating... she's like a little goldfish, I swear!  She just overfills the tank and it's gotta go somewhere right?  It almost always happens when I'm burping her. 

My mat leave benefits have FINALLY kicked in, so we are no longer as desperate financially as we were.  I think I may have to do battle to get my money for October, but things are looking up in that part of life.

Weight loss has slowed immensely, but that's okay.  I'm bouncing between two numbers that are still below where I was when we got married almost four years ago. 

I am at a huge loss as to what to get my Beloved for Christmas.  I have a few small things for him, but what I really want to get him is not in the budget just now.  Any ideas?

I have a new favourite tv commercial.  It makes me giggle like a 8 year old...

Way too cute, right?

A question... did any of you mommas out there find that your skin changed during pregnancy?  I have always had oily/shiny skin, but since about halfway through the second trimester to now (and it's gotten worse since Ginevra's arrival) my skin has been crazy dry and rough. 

Gotta run, the wee one is squawking. 


  1. Re: Christmas - A MacBook Air?

    Pricey, but isn't he worth it? :o)

  2. Granted I don't know jack about breast feeding yet but have you tried a Boppee Pillow for positioning? I've had a few people tell me that they are great for that.

    My skin got better with pregnancy I used to break out quite a bit (even more than I did as a teen) but then that stopped. And it can STAY that way for all I care!

  3. Ugh, hubby and I are skipping gifts this year due to finances. You gave him a baby! Put a bow on her, LOL.

    Hang in with the breastfeeding...I hear it takes time to get a good rhythm going :)

  4. I'm with Laurie---LOVED using the Boppy pillow with Em, it made it a lot easier for me to distribute her weight and position her neck so that we were both comfortable during BF times.

    Have you checked out Shutterfly? They can make really inexpensive books ($20 or less) from your photos and can even include journaling. And they'll ship them to your house. I bet DH would LOVE a photo book of you and Ginerva!

  5. Have zilch input on lactation, but can talk skin definitely.

    My skin and hair went haywire. Especially in my first trimester, I had a tough time reading the signals my skin was giving me. I have a combination skin that became very oil. And much to my chagrin, I seemed to be losing a lot of hair. It all got better (atleast the hair, a few weeks into my second trimester), and my skin is normal now.

    Thank God for maternity benefits!

    Good Luck with the weight loss.

    I hope you figure out soon what to gift your Beloved and he will love it coz it would be perfect.

  6. Hi Mrs. G!! I've fallen off the bloggy map and just am now seeing your Halfling has joined you two! :) Congrats!! Huge ol' hugs!! I'm super glad for you!

    As for bf'ing, all I can recommend is maybe a football hold; where you put the baby's body toward your back, along your side under your armpit, like you're running w/ a football. I'd try that w/ a boppy and it helped a bit. Also, burping every oz or 2 (calc w/ bf'ing). Maybe the spit up is b/c it's ONE big bubble, that maybe you can avoid by doing more frequent burping while feeding.

    Sorry if all that has been said already or hasn't worked. lots of love!

  7. the hubby and I never do gifts for each other only stocking stuffers.
    good luck to you!
    PS My mom keeps asking me if the box arrived?

  8. I don't even know how to express how happy I am for you! I have been thinking of you lately and had to check back in to see how you are doing.

    You have a beautiful little girl Congrats!


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