Friday, December 24, 2010

God Rest Ye Humble Readers...

... let nothing you dismay. Remember Christ our Saviour was born upon this day...

I'm sorry I haven't been around much in recent days.  We are slowly getting into a routine (and now that I've said that, my precious Ginevra will throw things all out of whack again) and I can't express how joyful we are this particular holiday season. 

I hope that you and your loved ones are happy and healthy this Christmastide, and that you have the time to truly enjoy the blessings of this season. 

I had hoped to have the birth story written by now, and it is in the works... my new goal is to have it done by New Years. 

From my Beloved, our sweet Ginevra, and me, we wish you a Merry Christmas (or whatever form your winter holiday season takes) and a blessed New Year, and we send you...

... tidings of comfort and joy!


  1. Merry Christmas, sweet mama. Enjoy every crazy moment :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your DH. Extra hugs to your sweet Ginerva on her first Christmas! xoxo

  3. Merry Christmas to my favorite hobbit and her family! I am thrilled beyond belief that you have such a wonderful excuse for being scarce around here.

  4. Merry Christmas!!!!!

  5. Wow!

    Congratulations on the arrival of Ginevra....what wonderful news!


    LS x

  6. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas with the little one!

    Wish you a very happy new year!


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