Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Night Chit Chat: Not What I Planned

Hey Humble Readers...

So this week went nowhere like I intended. 

You may recall that I told you last week that I was having a rough time with coming off my current bp meds so that I can start a new rx.  Well, that has been put on hold a bit.

Last Sunday I had a terrible headache and dizziness all day, which I chalked up to the change in my labetalol dosage.  But by the time I went to bed on Sunday night I had a killer sore throat.  On Monday I had no voice and a fever, and my sinuses were on fire.  My voice didn't start to return until Wednesday, just in time for my ears to start to seriously ache. 

By Friday, I was in agony with my ears feeling like my eardrums were going to burst. And I couldn't shake the fever.  I went to the walk-in clinic, and, lo and behold, I have a double inner ear infection.  Fun times.  I've been on antibiotics since Friday, and I'm beginning to improve.  Of course, I still have the general crud (cough, congestion) to deal with, but my right ear feels much better, and my left is on the mend. 

Of course, this means that absolutely nothing got done this week.  The hobbit-hole is a disaster, school supply shopping still hasn't happened, and I'm not even close to prepared for my Beloved's birthday next weekend.  I didn't send the wedding card for my cousin's wedding (happening tomorrow), and I still have to make optometrist appointments for the wee-lings (which I meant to do ages ago). 

My Beloved has been amazing, taking care of me, when I have barely been able to walk down the hall because of the dizziness, and the wee-lings.  He has cooked or bought food, done the grocery shopping, and kept the wee-lings out of my hair so that I could rest.  All while studying for his upcoming exam and having to work some overtime this week. 

I go to see Dr. B on Tuesday, so we'll see what the new plan is for my bp meds.  (I'm hoping I'll be able to drive by then, otherwise my Beloved will have to take me.)

Ok, onto the chit chat.  Here's what I'm:

Reading - I finished A Measure of Light by Beth Powning.  It was an interesting read. It's an historical novel about Mary Dyer, a Puritan-turned-Quaker Englishwoman who came to the Colonies in the mid-1600s.  Primarily about how the men ruling the Boston colony were just as bad, if not worse, as the rulers in England that drove them out, and the persecution of the Quakers in both.  I found it difficult to empathize with the main character in the last third of the book (I found her a bit fanatical), but it did make me want to read more about her as an historical figure and about the early days of the Quaker denomination.  Now I'm reading an old one... The House of Five Swords by Tristram Tupper.  It's an old favourite, but if any of you have ever read it, I would be very surprised.  I'm looking forward to telling you about it when I'm finished.  I also have a new-ish Fannie Flagg book from the library that I'm excited to get into. 

Watching - The tv is on, but I'm not really paying attention to it.  I do have a couple of movies on the dvr that I want to watch soon... The Theory of Everything and Jersey Boys.

Cooking - LOL... not much.  I did cook that turkey early last week, and we lived on the leftovers for a few days, which was a blessing.  I made a terrible meatloaf yesterday, but somehow my Beloved and the wee-lings managed to choke it down. 

Thinking About - the fact that I seriously need a shower, but I really just want to go to bed.  And trying not to think about how itchy my ears are right now. 

Adding to my To Do List - There's so much I need to do, but mostly I just want to get the hobbit-hole back in order.  The kitchen floor is kind of grossing me out.  Hopefully by Wednesday I'll have things on their way to normal. 

Thankful For - My Beloved.  He's amazing. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Creative Help?

Hey Humble Readers...

I'm looking for some input from you all today. 

I'm working on a creative piece set in the late 1970s/early 80s.  To help with my focus and get further into my characters' heads, I'm putting together a playlist to listen to while I'm writing.  I have a few tracks already, like a few Elvis songs for one of my main characters, and I can't help but include Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys (it was my favourite song when I was 6 or 7 years old).

But I'm stuck for music for a middle-aged mom.  She's an ultra-conservative, type-A, very rigid person.  I think she likes more country music than pop, certainly not disco or 70s rock. 

What do you think she might listen to? 

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Night Chit Chat: This, That, and The Other

Good Evening Humble Readers...

First, here are some lovely flowers for you all... :)

I hope you are all doing well.  Things here in the Shire have been busy and a bit challenging this past week. 

Ginny and Pippin had a week of day camp (half-days) at the local rec center.  They both really enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed having the mornings to myself.  It did mean a bit of creative schedule juggling to get us all out the door in time to drop my Beloved off at work on time each morning so that I could have the car, but it was worth it.  An unexpected bonus of day camp was that I was forced to test how far Pippin's potty training has progressed, as they only take kids who are potty-trained (ie - no pull ups).  I made sure that he had extra clothes in his backpack each day, and he did really well, no accidents at all. 

I also had a regular appointment with Dr. B (our family doc) to get my prescriptions renewed.  We've been changing my blood pressure meds for the last 6 months or so trying to find the best combination for me that has the least side effects (one of the most recent ones gave me horrible back spasms and triggered IBS flares... not cool) and is easiest on our bank account.  The one med that's been consistent ever since I was pregnant with Ginny was the labe.talol, just in varying dosages. 

Turns out that Dr. B was under the impression that we were still trying to have more wee-lings.  LOL!  (He was the one who put through my request for a tubal ligation as a part of my last C-section AND sent my Beloved for his vasectomy.)  Because he thought we were still trying to conceive, he hasn't put me on more efficient meds.  So, now that we have cleared that misconception (pun not intended) out of the way, I can go on better meds. 

BUT... I have to be weaned off the labe.talol before I can go on anything else.  Definitely not fun.  Dizzy spells, migraines, and just feeling generally like crap have been the headlines for the last few days.  I have another week and a half of slowly reducing my dosage before I can start the new meds. 

On the upside, I have done a bit of reading and some creative writing this week.  My friends, Sira and JJ, and I have started our own little writers group, so that we have some accountability when it comes to our creative endeavours.  We had our inaugural get-together this past week and it was fun sharing our work.  Of course, after we were done talking about our writing, we immediately transitioned into our usual gab fest. 

Ok, enough.  Onto the chit-chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading - Just finished a reread of Jurassic Park.  I've read it a few times since my teen years, and while the technology in it is a tad dated now, it still holds up on sheer entertainment value.  Now I'm into a historical novel called A Measure of Light by Beth Powning.  I'm only a couple of chapters in, but it's about a Puritan woman who, with her husband, is in the process of emigrating to America because of the persecution in Britain.  It's based on a true story, and I'm eager to see where this goes. 

Watching - Nothing in particular.  Planning on an early night tonight as I'm still pretty wiped out from the all-day headache.  I need to get caught up on my DVR'd shows though. 

Cooking - I ended up not cooking tonight, but tomorrow I am doing a turkey dinner.  Not a full-on Thanksgiving turkey dinner, but pretty close.  I've had this turkey in the freezer for too long now, and as the weather has cooled off considerably this week, I'm going to town.  The turkey will cover three dinners, plus some lunches this week.  I'm excited about it. 

Thinking About - My Beloved's birthday is coming up soon and I'm at a loss, as usual.  The only thing I know is that I'm planning on making him a root beer cake. 

Adding to My To Do List - Getting the hobbit-hole back in shape, reorganizing the wee-lings' room (again).

Grateful For - That there is a light at the end of the tunnel with this medication mess.  In a couple of weeks, I'll be on the new meds, and hopefully there will be no more headaches!

Monday, August 10, 2015

#Microblog Mondays: Hallelujah!

Hey Humble Readers...

Windows 10 did a number on me last week.  There were so many glitches as a result of the upgrade that I actually stopped using my laptop for a few days, just to save my sanity.  My trackpad two-finger scroll and cursor lock wasn't working (this was HUGE for me) and neither Microsoft nor ASUS had a working fix for it, and blogging had become a nightmare.  I couldn't post pictures through Picasa or from my computer, the compose screen had gone back to the old html format with no way to get it to switch over to the more updated version.  I was having problems commenting on blogs, most of the time my comment wouldn't be posted at all.  And let's not forget all the little changes that are challenging to muscle memory (like where the back button is now, and the layout of the start menu). 

BUT... I am victorious!  I finally got a tip from someone on the Microsoft help forum (not one of their techs... THANK YOU SO MUCH Mournfulbliss, whoever you are!) about rolling back the driver on my trackpad.  After a little tinkering, voila!  I have my two-finger scrolling/cursor lock back again.  Yay!  And after a bit of hunting, I found out that all the problems I have been having with blogging stems from the fact that Blogger and most other traditional blog platforms haven't yet been able to code for the new Microsoft Edge internet browser.  So I have reverted back to Internet Explorer for the time being. 

So now that things are mostly functioning properly, I am a happy hobbit!

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Monday, August 3, 2015

#MicroBlogMondays: Mom Hair

Hey Humble Readers...

Did you know I shaved my head last winter? Completely bald, in support of one of my best girlfriends, Sira, who was going through chemo treatments. She is, thankfully, in full remission now, and my hair looks more like something someone would actually ask a hairdresser to do for them, rather than just Velcro-like stubble.

I have no regrets about shaving my head, but man oh man I cannot wait for it to grow out. I've been told that short hair suits me and that it's really about time that I cut my hair like most moms do. I, on the other hand, don't like how I look with short hair and am looking forward to when it is long enough to actually do something with. And mostly, I don't like it because when I look in the mirror I don't see myself, I see my bio-mom.

Do you have 'mom-hair'?

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