Cast of Characters

Hey Humble Readers...
My family is insanely difficult to keep track of in the real world, and throw in the desire to respect their privacy and use pseudonyms... well, things get a little complicated. Here's a rundown of who's who in our lives.

Mrs. Gamgee - Me! The wanna-be hobbit.
Beloved - My wonderful husband
Ginevra - aka "The Halfling", our beautiful little girl, born Nov 27, 2010
Pippin - aka "Halfling 2.0", our sweet baby boy, born May 10, 2012
Emily Hope - Our first angel baby
Olivia Noelle - Our second angel baby

Mom - my foster* mom, aka "Mama"
The Cactus - Mom's new husband
GG - The Wee-lings' late great-grandma #1, my foster* grandma
Grandma DoDo - The Wee-lings' great-grandma#2, my foster* grandma
Grandpa Won - The Wee-lings' great-grandfather, my foster* grandpa
Sister S - my foster* sister, mom of the "Odd Couple"
K - my BIL, dad of the "Odd Couple"
Oscar - my nephew, 14yo, Odd Couple #1
Felix - my niece, 13yo, Odd Couple #2
ZMan - my former-foster*-step nephew, 20-something, son of Sister S's first husband

Dad - my foster* dad, aka "the Douchewaffle"

Mom C - my Beloved's mom, aka "Gramma"
Dad C - my Beloved's late dad, aka "Bumpa"
BB#1 - my Beloved's oldest big brother
BS - my Beloved's older sister
BB#2 - my Beloved's middle big brother
BB#3 - my Beloved's closest big brother

Bio-Fam - my biological family, always referred to as "Bio" (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandparents)

Dr. W - my new OB (2011)
Dr. U - my miracle working OB (2008-2010)
Dr. B - my not so favourite GP

* - I use the term 'foster' in reference to my family because there isn't another word that explains our connection. My Sister S was my best friend in high school, and they welcomed me into their family permanently just before my 17th birthday, when things went permanently south with my bio family. My 'foster' family is the family of my heart, but there was never any legal placement.