Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 29: My Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next Year

Good Afternoon Humble Readers...

It's hard to believe that I'm on the second to last of these 30 challenge posts.  When I started the blog challenge it was in hopes of improving my blog posting frequency and to get through the last month before the Halfling makes his/her appearance.  Well here we are, almost at the end.  Astounding!  The last two challenges are especially fitting at this point.  Today I'm to talk about my hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days.

The things I'm hoping for: a safe and healthy delivery, a year of incredible firsts with the Halfling, and lots of patience for the challenges that lie ahead. 

The things I'm dreaming about: all the sweet things that I'm sure most mother's dream about... little fingers and toes, baby smiles, that wonderful new baby smell, and holding this precious child in my arms.

The things I'm planning on: being successful with breastfeeding and cloth diapering, getting to K-town at least a couple of times so that my parents can get to know their new grandchild, and enjoying learning how to be a mother. 

(and one thing that falls into all three categories... even tho it sounds incredibly naive, selfish and greedy... is to hopefully being pregnant with Halfling #2 by this time next year)

As much as I want to go to see HP7 tomorrow night, it's not going to happen.  I don't have the wherewithal to stand in line for tickets and be in the mad crush of people.  Instead, Beloved and I are going to get our tickets in advance for Monday or Tuesday evening, after the initial rush.  It will still be busy, but not as insane.  So, if you see it this weekend... I don't want to hear about it!  Got it?!?  :)


  1. I'm going on Sunday...and I'm super crazy excited! Just make sure you don't go into labor before you see the movie, k?

  2. Awww! It'll be your last date before Halfling arrives! Enjoy it :)

  3. I think those sound like wonderful hopes, dreams, and plans.

  4. wonderful hopes and dreams...i can tell you from experience of waiting 5 yrs for ds1 and 6 yrs for ds2 that all of the waiting completely disappears the moment you hold that lo in your arms and count those fingers and toes. please do not hesitate to contact me about either CD'ing or BF'ing I do both! The first 6 weeks are the hardest but you will do great!!! Oh and you are most fertile after having a babe so maybe, just maybe! ;)

  5. My lips are sealed :) AH and I are going to an early matinee tomorrow. We're trying to save a little bit of $$ and avoid the *awful* traffic near the theater (which is located near the towns only mall).

  6. Haven't you already read the book? Then you know what's going to happen. LOL! Im not seeing it this weekend, too darn busy!
    OK, so my mom tells me she mailed outta package to you yesterday. Don't hold me responsible for any of her craziness because I was NOT involved! LOL!


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