Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 28: What's In My Purse?

Good Evening Humble Readers!

I hope you are all doing well.  Today was an incredibly lazy day for me.  I actually slept off and on all day.  That means I need to be a tad productive tonight, but that's okay.  Dinner is in the oven, and my Beloved has church council meeting tonight, so I will have lots of time to get a few things done. 

On the good news front, I got the paperwork I needed (finally!) to process my mat leave benefits.  It will still be a few weeks before I see any money, but at least I was able to do what I needed to online (without going to the federal building...yay!). 

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday about my Dr. U appointment... I'm 30% effaced.  I honestly wasn't expecting that.  I did have a fair bit of spotting yesterday after he stripped my membranes, and I think I lost at least part of my mucous plug.  This is actually moving forward!

So, today's assignment for the blog challenge is to confess what I carry in my purse.  It's not as bad as it usually is, but I did find some surprises.   
  • Tide Pen (couldn't live without it)
  • hand lotion
  • hand sanitizer
  • a couple of tampons (why are those still in there?)
  • My wallet
  • cell phone
  • keys
  • nametag for work (why is that stil in there?)
  • package of Crys.tal Li.ght raspberry drink mix
  • a bunch of appointment cards for different doctors
  • gloves
  • 2 pens
  • lip gloss
  • chapstick
  • face powder
  • bottle of tylenol
  • Jones Soda candies
  • assorted receipts/atm slips
  • my Prenatal info sheets (in case I go into labour early)
  • And if I'm head out of the house, I throw in my glucometer and my mealtime insulin, just in case. 
What is the most random thing in your purse?

If you haven't yet, I'm still looking for input on which post I should submit for the Creme de la Creme list this year.  I have links to the three I'm trying to decide between in yesterday's post. 


  1. I am afraid to look in my purse, honestly....LOL.

  2. OMG, my purse is totally overloaded. I think one of the most random things in my purse is a tube of lipstick my sister left in the van we inherited from my parents via my sistes.

  3. Most random thing in my purse? How about a wand? Yeah, going to the HP7 show at midnight, and I've got my butterbeer cork necklace in the car, wand in my purse, and Bellatrix wanted poster tee on. will be changing into my yoga pants to go sit in line (with my ticket) and relieve a friend's dad! Roll on 5pm!!

    And I'm anxious to hear what the Halfling is!!

  4. I don't actually carry a purse! For the past 4 years I've carried a clutch measuring about 4"x7" and as much as I *love* pretty purses I don't think I could ever go back to carrying one. In my clutch I have cash, cards, and receipts up the wazoo.

    How are you feeling about being so close to the finish line?


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