Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Odds & Sods

Hey Humble Readers...

Thunderstorms appear to be weather du jour.  We've had some major downpours over the last few days, and honestly I'm loving it.  After the heat wave we had before we went on vacation and the desert heat in K-town last week, I was so ready for some cooler temps.  Ginny has been enthralled by the heavy cloud bursts and the thunder.

AF has shown up, and I confess she's kicking my ass.  All those women in my life who told me that cramps get better or at least easier to deal with after you have kids are lying sacks of dragon poop.  I'm in a lot of pain here, and tyl.enol isn't touching it.  Ugh.

In other cycle-related news... last week I experienced the epitome of irony.  I had what I can only describe as the most incredible, copious EWCM.  Seriously, I have never EVER experienced anything like it.  I was always one of those women who had to do internal checks for CM in order to catch the scant amount of the good stuff I would get.  This was immense, and it lasted for two days.  Now, when our family building days are over I get enough to sink a battleship. 

While we were in K-town, I saw a couple of movies, and they were polar opposites.  First, I went to see "Magic Mike" with my Mom and my sister.  While it was entertaining, and certainly drool-worthy, it had the crappiest script I've ever seen in a movie.  Honestly, I think they were ad libbing most of it.  Channing Tatum is lovely to look at, but this movie certaily didn't do anything to prove his acting chops.  I suspect that it will be up for a dozen Razzie awards next winter. 

The second movie I went to see was an incredible contrast. My Beloved and I had a date night while in K-town, our first since Pippin was born.  "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" was incredibly sweet, moving, and so beautifully acted by some of the best actors of the age.   Anytime you can combine Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy, and Penelope Wilton (yes... Cousin Matthew's mother from Downton Abbey!) you get sheer genius.  If you haven't seen this movie, please do yourself a favour and go see it.

We're planning on taking the wee-lings to a street performers festival this weekend.  Seeing as it's basically free, I'm hoping that it will be entertaining for all of us.  I want to expose Ginny to as many different fun, cultural, and educational experiences as I can.  With our budgetary constraints, anytime I can find something free, I have to give it a shot.

If you are a praying type person, please send out some prayers for my Beloved.  He's getting frustrated with his job search.  He's in a tough spot right now.  While he's been applying for a ton of different positions, so far there have only been a couple of nibbles that would be a step backward for him or would require us to move which isn't an option at this point. 

He's sort of in a limbo area in terms of his qualifications.  He's worked for years as an accountant and a controller.  He's got far more experience than your run of the mill bookkeeper, and yet he doesn't have the accounting designations (like a CGA) to back it up.  A lot of job listings have said that relevant experience will be considered in lieu of having a designation, but he's just not getting the calls.  The obvious solution is to get him designated (there's a few courses he needs to take), but that costs money that we don't have.  He's feeling very discouraged. 


  1. Well, I am so feeling you on the cramps...nopes, they do not get easier at all. And I am so with you on the EWCM (I am about to post something about it)...

    Let's make a deal. I will pray for your Beloved, and you pray for mine. We are sitting neck-deep in a soup. Let's get those jobs straightened out, shall we?


  2. I got to the theater thinking "Expendables 2" was laying. Wrong. I had my choices of: Spiderman 3D, Magic Mike, or "The Dark Knight Rises."

    I'd already read the reviews on Spidy so I blew that off. I saw Magic Mike was a hook straight off, so I skipped that as well. That left Batman as it were. Despite some disappointments, it was well done.

    As for cultural things with your kid, that's great idea. Do they have museums there where you live? Art galleries? Being exposed to things like these really do influence young minds for the best. Good luck and make the best of your fun.

    Oh, by the way, if you're up to it, I am hosting a Dog Days of Summer blog fest August 10-12 if you'd be interested.


  3. What happened to those people who said if I was breastfeeding I wouldn't have a period....they are all LIARS!!! Top that off with cramps and SERIOUS EWCM...pregnancy did a number on my I'm ready for number 2...if for no other reason to not have a period for another 9 months....HAHAHA!!! We all know that's not the reason, but it was fitting for this post!

  4. Who said that periods get easier after a baby? They were freaking nuts! Everyone I've ever talked to has always loved to try to scare me, and everyone else, with how much worse they get... and that's true! Holy moley. I will pray for you guys on the job front. I know that is so scary! Just after Christmas this past year my hubby accepted a new job, that was a downgrade but got his foot in the door to where he wants to go eventually. It was awful and scary. But we've managed, and he's happier at work/after work, and hopefully he will start moving up in that area soon so that the sacrifice will be worth it??? And he has a class this fall, and I have NO IDEA how we're going to pay for it. Suck. But it has to be done. Something will work out, right? LOL. Anyway, I hope he finds what he's looking for and that you will find peace about the answer.

  5. When Heath was looking for a job it took him almost three years to find something in his field. There is little computer development opportunities in our town, even though IBM and Lexmark are here-they are always laying off people/in a hiring freeze. I hope your Beloved has some good luck soon!

    Magic Mike. haha. I went to see that with my gal pals a few weeks ago. I thought CT was a great dancer and the guy that plays Alcide in True Blood, yum. Yum. Yum. But I will say, seeing Matthew McCaugnehey (sp?) kinda of weirded me out a was almost like watching an old man up there stripping. An old man in fantastic shape but.....yeah..... The Dark Knight Rises was my redemption movie :)


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