Friday, June 1, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: This, That & The Other

Hey Humble Readers...

As promised, this here is a post that has absolutely nothing to do with mummy-hood, babies, breastfeeding, or sleep schedules.  Instead you're going to get a bunch of the randomness that's been going through my head over the last couple of weeks.

I'm hoping to resurrect the Foodie Friday posts again sometime soon.  I haven't been doing a whole lot of scratch cooking lately, but I did make the most incredible pork roast last weekend.  Of course, I didn't think to take any pics of it, but it was beautiful and it tasted heavenly.  And it was super easy... salt & pepper a pork loin roast and roast in a hot oven (425F) for about a half hour.  Remove from oven, and lower oven temp to 350F.  Spread grainy dijon mustard over the whole roast.  Press a generous amount of brown sugar into mustard (all over) and return to oven, until a meat thermometer reads 165F (it took about an hour).  Baste with drippings often.  Don't forget to allow the roast to rest for 15 minutes before slicing.  Drizzle with drippings when serving. 

I have confessed here before that I watch way too much tv.  But I have to say, the thing that could cure me of the habit is this summer's line-up of trashy reality tv.  The commercials are actually making me kind of sick with all the pseudo-match-making shows and Gor.don Ram.say crap (and you all know I LOVE cooking shows... I just can't stand him!).  Why can't they just run re-runs?  The joys of having ultra limited cable.

Am I the only person who is intrigued by Snow White & The Huntsman?  Or at least, I am until I remember that Kri.sten Ste.wart is playing the lead.  The trailer looks great, I'm just not sure that I could handle a couple hours of her acting.  I also really want to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Rock of Ages, The Dark Knight Rises, and the Odd Life of Timothy Green.  What's on your must see list for summer movies?

I'm getting that urge to re-read Harry Potter again.  It's totally a summer thing.  As soon as the weather turns warm, I want to delve into the world of wizards and muggles.  It's kind of like the urge I get in the fall to read Tolkien.  I'm happy to say that I am experiencing a bit of an increase in my interest and ability to read again.  All through last fall and winter, I didn't have the focus to read more than a couple pages at a time.  I actually ordered a new book the other day, and I also finished reading a book written by a friend that I'm hoping to review for you all soon. 

You know you're anal retentive when you spend a couple of hours reorganizing one of your pin boards on Pinterest.  I had a sort of catch-all board that had a lot of miscellaneous things in it that had gotten a little out of hand.  So last night, I went through the whole thing and made a couple of new boards.  I really am an addict.  Oh, and while I'm discussing Pinterest can I vent a serious pet peeve?  It drives me crazy when people pin pictures of food/recipes and just put "Yum" or "I must make this soon" in the comment section.  Dang it, tell me what it is!  LOL.

Well, I'm fading here.  I'm going to try to catch a bit of a nap while it's quiet in the hobbit hole.  Do you have any fantastic plans for the weekend?  We're going to the farmer's market tomorrow, and I'm planning on doing the grocery shopping ALL BY MYSELF!  I'm super stoked to get an hour or so just to be out on my own.


  1. Hahaha..I'm kind of guilty of the Pinterest thing. Only because I seem to have problems pinning sometimes and by the time I get it to actually pin I've been typing the description over and over again and am sick of it. I hate when people just pin an image and not a link to information.

    The pork roast sounds absolutely amazing. I have two frozen in my freezer right now, I know where one is going!

    Enjoy your time out!

  2. I just started Pinterest. Not sure I'll get hooked. Have a few recipes, but mainly use it to save links I'm interested in... I don't really go around looking at other people's links. I guess I don't know how to use the thing yet.

    Every time I eat sausages, I want to read Harry Potter. The first book, when Hagrid comes to get him for the first time and cooks sausages in the fireplace? Mmmm. And Seamus is always eating sausages in the Great Hall. LOL. I don't know why, but eating sausages reminds me of HP a lot, and whenever I read HP, I always end up craving sausages. :)

    I also love cooking shows (and decorting shows) but hate all the pseudo-drama. And I love funny fluffy TV shows (Big Bang Theory) but hate all the smut, swearing, and sluttiness. Gah, I must be getting old. :) My big movies I want to see... Avengers, Brave (is that what it's called? Animation of a Scottish girl), and when it comes out this winter... I'm totally geeking out excited to see the screen adaptation of the Les Mis musical.

  3. Oh me too (re the Harry Potter thing!), but for me it usually winter - I just love snuggling up with them! :D

    And Pinterest? :) Where? I have a very big addiction! :D

    Long time lurker, but I am a little bit of a geek, myself!

  4. No fantastic plans, just some cleaning and hanging with McRuger and Cadet. We'll head to the Farmer's Market and do a little shopping, but nothing too big.

    I am also addicted to Pinterest! I love seeing what my buddies can find!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. LOL, I have no fantastic plans for the weekend.

    You know, the Twilight girl still exudes the confused look in her next movies...that shows in Snow White too...and maybe the Prince is a sparkler?

    And I am the last one...but hey, Cong-ratu-lationsssssss! Awesome Pip!

  6. 1) I love your boards on Pinterest. You are one of my favorite pinners :)

    2) Summer TV looks like it will totally suck. Also, WTF is up with Awake getting cancelled? And? When is Downton Abbey coming back. I needs me some Cousin Matthew ;) But even more, I miss the Dowager Countess!

    3) Yes, every time I see the commercials for Snow White & The Huntsman I think "wow that looks good!" then I see Kristen Stewart and remember that no matter how good the rest of the cast is, she will drag them to her level. Also, it looks a little like they ripped off Snow White the same way Tim Burton ripped off Alice :( But! The Dark Knight Rises? Can.Not.Wait! The Avengers was AWESOME! might go see it again :)

    4) Also re-reading Harry :) But, I read them pretty much every year. Usually in the fall, but started early this year :)


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