Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Growing Boy

Hey Humble Readers...

How are things where you are today?  I hope that you have sunshine and cool breezes, and time to enjoy both. 

Things on the flatland are sunny, although a bit too breezy for my taste.  This is the time of year I love.  When it's warm enough for me to have the windows open and maybe only need the fan on low to be comfy.  The only bummer at the moment is that we still haven't replaced the screen in our screen door, so if I want a good cross breeze, I have to risk letting in bugs.  Blech!

Today was a big day for our little mister.  His first doctor appointment. 

It's way later than it should have been, but it's been a scheduling nightmare because Dr. B has been away for a family emergency since just after Pip was born.  When we got to the office today we found out that Dr. B is still away (and no one called us to reschedule) so we had to see another doctor at the same clinic. 

On a side note, I wanted to smack the nurse who gave me attitude at the front desk.  When we got there, I went to check in and she started in on me (on ME?!?!) for showing up when Dr. B wasn't there, and how they had tried to contact me yesterday (big time bull-pucky, I was home all day and the phone didn't ring until the dinner hour).  When my Beloved joined me at the desk, I told him that Dr. B wasn't there, the nurse got all huffy and said that she could squeeze us in with another doc in the clinic. 

Ok, enough griping.  On to the good stuff. 

Pippin is growing like a stink weed.  He's already up to 9lb 2oz!  I knew he was getting heavier and he's been filling out nicely (no more stork legs), but I had no idea he had gained so much in the last couple of weeks.  He's now in the 75-90th percentile for weight and the 95th for length (I'm doubtful that he was measured correctly when we left the hospital, because they told us he was 19 inches long, and today he was 21.25 inches).  Dr. L, our substitute doc, seemed very happy with where our little mister is at right now. 

My incision looks really good (and no infection or yeast... YAY!), and she was pleased with my weight loss.  She agreed that the dizzy spells were likely connected to the other side effects I've been having with the metformin.  We discussed my blood sugars, and seeing as they have been so good since going off insulin and given all the side effects I've been experiencing, she said that I could go off the metformin (super YAY!!), provided that I keep a good track of my sugars and discuss it with Dr. W when I see her in a few weeks.  The only thing we forgot to do was my blood pressure. 

So, all in all, a good appointment, crabby desk nurse notwithstanding.  :)  And I promise to have a post that is not all baby or recovery related. 


  1. Yay! Glad things are going well, baby is growing, you're feeling better, and getting off the Met!!! :) Too bad about the nurse with attitude. I hate that! You're so much nicer than I am... I don't have the ability to bite my tongue, for good or for bad, she would've gotten quite an earful back.

  2. Awesome news! Glad your blood sugar is under control and that you're off insulin and met! Your growing little girl is precious. :)

  3. oh my gosh, now I feel just terrible about how long it's been since I've caught up on blogs - I can't believe you've already had your new little one. Time just moves way too fast. Many (belated) congratulations on the little addition to your family.

  4. Wow! He's so big! Glad to hear you're healing up well :)


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