Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing Beauregard

Hey Humble Readers!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.  I needed every word you guys said.  GG is holding steady today and, while it could change in a heartbeat, it looks like she may pull through yet again. 

In other news, Beauregard, my new laptop arrived today!!! Yippee!!  (Yes, I'm one of those freaks who names inanimate objects.)  I am adjusting to what feels like a huge screen and a full size keyboard.  It's like having to learn to type all over again. 

Now I need to spend some time trying to remember all my bookmarks and favourites, and upload my pics and software (which is going to be so much easier than on the netbook... this computer has a disk-drive!!  Amazing, isn't it?)

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great Monday.  What was the highlight of your day?


  1. LOL. I totally thought you were announcing that they messed up and told you gender, and that was your baby boy's name. :) I mean a computer is exciting too, but a bit of a let down considering my expectation. Ha! But my biggest bright spot today was TOMATOES!!! :) YAY!!! Couldn't make a tomato sandwich (dang) cause I can't have mayo or bread... but did sprinkle them with lots of salt and pepper. I was in heaven! If all goes well, then I can try out beef tomorrow! BEEF! :) *drool*

    1. LMAO I totally didn't even think of that. Just goes to show how focused on my lack of a computer.

      So glad that you're able to expand your allowable food! Tomatoes rock!

  2. Yay for a new computer!! The highlight of my day yesterday was walking around in the sunshine with a temp of 18 celsius. that and I'm definitely been feeling motivation for all the projects on my plate. :)


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