Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey Humble Readers...

So if you read yesterday's post you know that I was soooo excited to get my new laptop. 

Fast forward to 7:45am today... (keeping in mind that my body decided that three and a half hours of sleep was enough and woke me up at 3am.  I finally dozed off again on the couch after 6:30).

I got a call from some guy in Toronto saying that he got my computer delivered to him.  WTF?  No, my computer is right here.  Thanks so much for waking me up, butthead!  (can you tell that a tired hobbit is not a happy hobbit?)  He made some comment about having gotten a free computer and I suggested, none too politely, that he should call Dell and learn about time differences.  I tried to go back to sleep, but I got stressed out about possibly being double charged on our credit card for this 'mistake' computer. 

Less than an hour later, I get a call from Dell, asking me to read a number off my computer.  I do so, and it turns out that I do in fact have the wrong computer.  Again... WTF???  It looks exactly like the one I ordered, and geez, forgive me, but I didn't read through all the paperwork that comes with the computer that said it had more memory and a couple other do-dads that I hadn't ordered or paid for.  I don't want what I didn't pay for, but you'd think that a company the size and reputation of Dell could get an order for a simple basic laptop right. 

So, I've already been setting this computer up to my needs.  I have passwords on things.  I've loaded a bit of software, although thankfully no pics yet. 

They (being Dell) are arranging for pick up of this unit, as well as the one that butthead in Toronto got.  SOoooo I *should* have *my* computer sometime in the next week.  Again, I ask... WTF????  Yeah, I can continue to use this one until the pick up is arranged, but don't load any more software and certainly remove anything that I don't want someone else to have access to.  Because this computer is NOT going back to Dell.  It's going directly to the butthead in Toronto. 

So, this means no monthly Ginny update today, and no Foodie post on Friday. because I don't have pics.  This means that I have to go through and delete things and remove the software that I've already installed. 

I'm irked, frustrated, and pissed off.  Can you tell?


  1. What? You'd think that Dell would just let you KEEP the darn thing, rather than having to wait until you get a laptop that the butthead from Toronto has been jacking with. I would call back Dell and tell the to stuff it.

  2. Wow, yeah, that is really annoying. I agree with everything Jem said.

    I've had my own frustrations with Dell. They replaced the motherboard on my laptop 3x including just a month before my warranty expires. Guess what died AGAIN a month later? You guessed it, my motherboard. And they wouldn't replace it even though OBVIOUSLY something was seriously wrong with my motherboard eating laptop. I was so pissed.

    Hopefully the next computer will be correct and you won't have to deal with this anymore!

  3. I'm pissed on many levels. First, and most importantly, how in the HELL did the butthole in Toronto get your phone number?!? Where is the privacy policy for Dell? That's a HUGE deal. HUGE. I'd be livid, even just about that. And then the rest, I'd still be furious. And even if you delete everything off, my husband works with computers, and it can still be retrieved if someone really wants to take the time. Talk about invasion of privacy. I'd call Dell and pitch a major fit. Demand to keep that computer at their expense. You can't afford to put yourself at risk for identity/information theft because of their ineptitude. Grrr.


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