Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun and Not-So-Fun

Hey Humble Readers...

When I stopped by Mel's place this morning I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't missed the Annual International Blog Delurking Week!  I always end up missing it... but the stars aligned this year.  Yay!

The point of Delurking Week is just what the name implies... all those people who are out there who stop by my little hobbit-hole, but don't comment (and I KNOW you're out there) are invited to delurk, even just once.  So all of you out there, step up to the mic, say hi, and let me know that you're here.  I'll return the favour!  And if you are stuck for something to say, why don't you tell me what kinds of things you read (besides blogs, of course)?

On a completely different topic, Humble Readers, I have a request... for prayers/good thoughts/healthy vibes for my mom. 

I know I have mentioned this before, but my mom is a survivor.  As in, a five time cancer survivor.  Cervical cancer (removed and treated with radiation), uterine cancer (hysterectomy and radiation), lung cancer (removed 85% of her left lung, chemo and radiation), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (removed a long strand of lymph nodes from her neck along with a good chunk of muscle tissue, chemo and radiation), and lesions on her brain (surgery). 

Her last go round, just before Beloved and I got married (about this time, five years ago), ended with a truly miraculous healing.  The doctors told her to get her affairs in order, and that even if she survived the brain surgery, she couldn't expect to survive the year. 

Two hours out of surgery, she was awake and talking and in no pain (minimal pain meds).  Two weeks later she was, while not 100% her old self, very actively working on planning my wedding.  One month after surgery, the doctors determined that chemo was unnecessary as there was no sign of any remaining cancerous cells (there had been some significant concern about her thyroid as well as a recurrence of the lymphoma).  Three months later, she was given a completely clean bill of health, which has been renewed every year when she has gone for her annual check up with her oncologist. 

Just before the holidays, my mom found a lump.  (Good heavens, how I hate that word.)  It's in the same general area as where the lymphoma started. 

Thankfully, she always has her check up in January.  She saw her oncologist today, and while the doc was generally positive (all of Mom's bloodwork came back clear, as did her annual chest xray and other tests), she was concerned enough about the lump to book Mom for an urgent CAT scan (no date yet).  If the scan shows anything questionable, then there will be biopsies and surgery. 

My mom is an incredibly strong lady.  However, one lasting effect of all the cancers and treatments has been that she deals with a lot of anxiety.  Beyond the physical ramifications of facing the "Big C" again, I'm concerned that this could do a number on her emotionally. 

Please send whatever prayers/good thoughts or vibes you can spare her way.  Personally, I'm praying that she will get a quick date for the scan and that it will show something benign like a cyst or something.  And that she can live without fear until those results come in. 

Thanks Humble Readers... I appreciate it.

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  1. Hmmm...what do I read? Everything! Fantasy fiction, romance, suspense, history, the classics.

    Definitely praying for your mom, Mrs G.


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