Friday, January 13, 2012

Dr. Google Is Not My Friend

Good Morning Humble Readers...

You would think, after all this time, I would know better than to waste my time googling medical terms, particularly how they pertain to me.  You'd think that I would have learned my lesson by now, and that I wouldn't bother, and yet...

I had an appointment yesterday with Dr. B.  My weight gain/loss is still considered a non-issue (I'm down 6 pounds from when I first got pregnant... thank you GD).  Blood pressure was good.  The Halfling cooperated nicely and Dr. B was able to find the heartbeat right away (144 bpm).  I asked about the cough that is still lingering, and he didn't seem to be concerned about it... just suggested staying hydrated and it will pass.  I asked about my new OB, at which point he realized that he hadn't sent through the referral yet... GAH!!!!  And then we got to my ultrasound results. 

What the u/s tech thought might be a fibroid is most likely some scar tissue from my c-section.  But that wasn't the biggest revelation.  Apparently I have a 'low-lying' placenta.  Dr. B didn't go into detail, just said I'd need to have another ultrasound when I'm 28 weeks, and that we'd get that booked at my next appointment.

Enter Dr. Google.

Of course, I found links to placenta previa and all the scary things that can go along with that (words like... profuse bleeding, apbrution, birth defects, premature delivery, blood transfusions, hysterectomy).  I read for about an hour last night, getting more and more freaked out.  Of course, I'm at higher risk for previa because I am over 35, I've had uterine surgeries previously (2 D&Cs) and a previous c-section.  While it was often mentioned that previa diagnosed prior to 20 weeks commonly corrects itself as the uterus stretches with the growing baby, it wasn't until the last article that I read that there is a difference between 'low-lying' placenta and actual placenta previa.  It's basically a difference of millimeters, but it is that much more likely that a 'low-lying' placenta will correct itself before the third trimester. 

So needless to say, I got myself worked up over something that is, in all likelihood, not going to be an issue.  Ridiculous!

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  1. I had a low lying placenta for DS1 mostly it was nothing to note. A few extra US which was fun! But I did have excessive bleeding and placental abruption during delivery. Because they were aware of my low lying placenta, I was quickly and easily taken care of. Try not to worry about it!


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