Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Up From The Depths

Howdy Humble Readers...

I'm finally beginning to feel like a real person again (as opposed to a snot-filled slug).  I'm still tired, but overall feeling much better. 

So, this week is the busy busy week.  Or at least the jam-packed with appointments week. 

Yesterday was the diabetic clinic, to go over my insulin program.  They have me starting really low, but increasing by a unit every day until we get things balanced.  The nurse was great, and reminded me that in the second trimester, when I'm off the prometrium, my insulin needs may drop a bit before they start to go back up going into the third tri.  So, two different kinds of insulin (one for meals, and one that's long-acting to help with my baseline sugars). 

Today was Ginny's well-baby check up.  It was technically her 9 month check up, but it had been rescheduled a couple of times.  She's doing good (will give you a complete update in a day or two as I need to do 'Ginny @ 10 Months) and other than being made to wait for more than an hour for a 7 minute appointment, things went well. 

Tomorrow... the ultrasound. 10:45.  To say I'm nervous would be a bit of an understatement.  I want to be able to say that I am 100% confident that all will be well, but really it's more like about 60% to 40%.  After much internal debate, I have decided that Ginny will be coming with us.  I figure, if things go south, then I'll have my wee sweet girl to cuddle.  And if things go well, I want her there even if she has no clue what's happening.  I'll post about that as soon as I can afterward. 

Thursday... Must Clean The House!  It's not terribly messy, but for some reason I thought black furniture would be great, never considering how much dust shows on it.  Duh!

Friday... I have another Dr. B appointment.  Follow up on the u/s and to discuss what happens next.  I am really going to push for a decision on an OB referral.  He's been holding off every time I ask (altho he seems to be open to it), but I want to get the NT scan booked asap, and that request needs to come from an OB. 

Then comes the very busy weekend... this weekend is Thanksgiving here north of the 49th parallel.  We are having turkey dinner at my MIL's on Saturday, and then I'm having 11 people for dinner on Sunday.  Considering our kitchen table seats 4, ths could be a challenge.  I'm doing roast beef (a huge costco sized roast), oven roasted autumn veggies (parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and maybe some asparagus for some green), mashed taters, gravy and rolls.  My mom has said that she'll bring dessert (pumpkin cream cheese pie)... YAY! 

Then Monday, we crash.  Thank heaven for long weekends!