Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not Terrible, Not Great...

Hey Humble Readers...

I'm in need of some reassurance, so this is your invitation to blow smoke and just try to make me feel better, ok?

I got my beta numbers back this afternoon.  They aren't what I would like, and of course the ever sensitive Dr. B didn't really help matters with all his "well, they're pretty low" repeating like a broken record (he must have said it 5 times in my 10 minute appointment). 

HCG Beta @ 14 DPO: 34
HCG Beta @ 21 DPO: 442
Doubling every 45.5 hours

They aren't bad, but they aren't really strong either.  I'm above the 'minimum' line, but not at 'average'.  (I apologize, but I can't figure out how to get the graphic from  I'm trying really hard not to stress about it.  I'm going back for more blood work next Tuesday, so we'll see what we will see I guess.  *sigh* 

Have I mentioned how much I hate all this worry?  Damned IF!

We also talked about my blood sugars, which are terrible!  I have an appointment at the diabetic clinic next week, and I'll likely be on insulin from then forward.  One thing I discovered recently is that prometrium, particularly at the dosage that I'm taking, can screw with blood sugars in a pretty significant way, so we'll see how they take that into account. 

My ultrasound is 13 days away.  Please God let there be a heartbeat!