Saturday, April 17, 2010

Truth In Advertising

Good Afternoon Humble Readers...

This post is just a little bit of an irrational gripe. 

Those infomercial hosts/tv huxters just drive me around the bend.  Bi.lly' voice used to be enough to make me leave the room.  That Vince guy with the onion chopper... totally aggravating... And don't get me started on the Sn.uggie.

But today I saw the worst advertisment ever starring one of those huxters.  It's got that guy with the British accent and it's for a drain snake.  Yes, I see the value in having something like that around the house and that at some point in my future I might actually purchase one, but do they need to show the nasty manky clump of gooky hair coming up out of the drain?   Repeatedly?  Just the thought of that makes me want to gag on my best day... but on a day when I'm battling to keep down the crackers and water I'm living on... YUCK!  We all know what clogs drains, and we know what it looks like when it comes out.

Ok, rant over... 

(I think I need to go back and lie down before I use too many more elipsis)


  1. I so agree on the comment you left on my blog. Peace could absolutely be achieved if people concentrated on the similarities while respecting the differences. I just don't understand anyone (Muslim, Christian or Jewish) who hates without basis and kills without thinking. Even people who think they have a base for hating bug me, because I try my very best not to hate *anyone*, even those who obviously hate me. Take the higher road is my motto. :-)

    Anyways, on the topic of infomercials, I agree that needless ick is no fair (especially to you who has morning sickness YAY). But you know, I like watching them because I'm weird...but you already knew that. ;-)

  2. By the way, I'm on facebook so add me (since I tried but can't add you). :-(

  3. Those drain snake commercials completely gross me out.

  4. ICK! glad I have missed this one!

  5. I completely agree on the drain snake commercial, but I gotta tell you... the slap chop, sham-wow and snuggy commercials are almost as entertaining as most TV shows to me. I love laughing at those commercials so much my family took it as liking the products and bought me a snuggy and sham-wows for Christmas. The snuggy, I actually like!!!


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