Friday, April 16, 2010

Perchance To Dream

Good Morning Humble Readers...

I have been having a fair number of wacky dreams lately.  I know that's par for the course during pregnancy, but it's still weird.  In all these dreams, I know I am pregnant, but not showing and feeling pretty good. 

First up, there was that one I told you about already, with the baby with the four eyes (very blue eyes).  Creepy to think about now, but in my dream it seemed ok, just different.  I was super happy and optomistic.  There was other stuff going on in that dream... an explosion or fire across the river in Manhattan (my dream took place in New Jersey) and a toxic cloud blowing toward the hospital we were in.  We had to evacuate, I fell on a slippery, newly waxed floor as we were going down the stairs.  But we all got out safely and all ended well.

Second, again I was in the US, I think I was in New York state.  I was wearing a purple dress that I owned many years ago.  The dream began with me in a large office... no cubicles, but a large open working space.  I was saying goodbye to everyone.  I was very happy.  I left the office and loaded up one of those teeny tiny mini motorcycles with my belongings and headed 'home'. 
(image courtesy of Google Images)
The road I was on reminded me of the Connector between Kelowna and the lower mainland in BC.  Winding, fast moving traffic, and instead of the toll booth, there was a border crossing.  I ended up having to walk through customs carrying my teeny tiny motorcycle and all of my belongings but I was happy.  There were also several spots where I found myself looking at my arms, specifically my inner elbow, and I could see where my blood had been drawn. 

Third... this time I was in Canada, in Alberta, in a car, heading south toward the border.  It was a glorious day.  Blue sky, warm breeze, green trees blowing past us (my Beloved was driving).  We weren't in our car (no Petey the PT cruiser), we were in a red sporty car.  The windows were rolled down and my arm was resting on the open window frame.  We were in a great mood.  We just drove and drove until we got to the border, which resembled the Peace Arch crossing near Vancouver.  I can clearly picture the gaurd and the buildings around the border crossing.  I don't know where we were heading, but we were relaxed and happy.

I know that dreams are just our unconcious' way of processing the days events, but these were just sooo vivid.  The colours, the images... the fact that I was travelling in all of them, the border crossings, even the focus on my arms in two of them... all seems like I should be getting something out of them.


  1. I had very vivid dreams during my pregnancy, too. It was though every person I had ever met, every place I'd ever been or everything I had ever experienced needed to be in a dream over the course of nine months.

    Enjoy it - it can be a lot of fun!

  2. WHATEVER it is you are eating before bed, you need to stop! just kidding!

  3. Dreams are amazing things. The best thing I do to help me if they freak me out is just chat to DH about them. I hope writing about these dreams on your blog has helped you remember that they are just dreams...and hopefully they'll stop bothering you soon!

  4. You know, you need to keep a record of all these weird dreams. They will always be good for a laugh in years to come.


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