Monday, March 29, 2010

Mild Anxiety... Please Tell Me To Chill Out

Good morning Humble Readers...

So I'm on pins and needles a bit here.  Someone please slap me back to reality?!?

I was told to call my OB's office today to get the results of my beta on Friday.  I waited until 10:30, called, and his nurse told me that the results are in, but DocU hasn't had a chance to look at them yet.  She said she'd call as soon as he does. 

I know, even reading that back, it sounds innocuous.  But it was more the tone of her voice. 

Maybe it's just a hectic day at the office.  I hope that's all I heard.


  1. Chill out... It's probably just busy, or she's pissed at the doctor or something like that. I have my fingers crossed and will be waiting for news, though. I know how nerve wracking the beta process is and the only thing that will really make you feel any better is a call with good news.

  2. don't read into it... it's probably just a crazy day at the office, Mondays tend to be down here anyways.

    My fingers are crossed for you.

    Had a great massage on Saturday, have I told you who my new massage therapist is? You know her.

  3. I'm sure all is fine. She should have been more neutral with you - not very prof. Chill out lady, all will be well.

  4. Probably just office policy, that a doc must glance at and initial results before they give results, and a busy nurse.

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Offices have procedures as to who can give out what information and when. My DH's urologist nurses can't give out any information until the doctor (any doctor) has reviewed it.

    Also, keep in mind that Mondays are often VERY busy at medical facilities. In fact, Mondays and Fridays are never good times to get any information.

    My fingers are crossed that it is good news.

  6. Just stopped by to check in on you! Waiting is THE WORST...but all the above commenters are right - Monday's are busy days. My fingers are crossed for you.

  7. I am sure all will be well. Know that I've got my fingers crossed and am awaiting your good news!

  8. It's time for deep, calming breaths.

  9. Remember good things come to those who wait! and remember too that as long as your betas are increasing babe is growing...not all betas do that fantastic doubling or high numbers right away and still end with a perfectly healthy munchkin in the end...praying for good numbers for you none the less!!

  10. Definitely DON'T freak out!! I'm sure it is both a busy day because Mondays always are and also their office policy. Whenever I've called for a beta at my GP's they absolutely won't let anyone except the doctor who ordered it tell me and I know for a fact all the doctors there have access to *all* the results. So please do something else to distract yourself for a little bit...I'm sure it will be fine. ((((BEAR HUG))))

  11. Try not to freak out and don't read into her tone. Although, I can completely relate. I always imagined if a patient called and results weren't good, they're computer screen would start flashing and an alarm would go off. :)

    This is tough. I'm right here with ya!


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