Friday, March 26, 2010

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: A Day Of Firsts

Good Evening Humble Readers..

First up, I apologize for not being around the last few days.  My laptop was in the shop for a de-bugging (the lousy browser re-direct virus is history and I can use search engines again), and I've been pooped.

I had my first doctor's appointment this morning.  It was like no other first prenatal visit I have ever had.  No piac, no weigh in, no blood pressure check.  Right away, DocU did an u/s, to see what we could see.  There on the screen was the little black spot in my 'nice thick lining', where the halfling has taken up residence.  Afterward, we talked about my concerns and the next steps.  First, he gave me a req for an ultrasound in 3.5 weeks.  I will be 8 weeks at that point and a heartbeat should be visible.  Second, he wrote out the req for my bloodwork.  And last, he gave me a prescription for prometrium... yay!  He was honest and said that it's not a miracle drug, but that it certainly can't hurt.  I won't get my beta numbers until Monday.

Ok, so the prometrium.... WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW?  What didn't DocU or the pharmacist tell me?  I was prescribed 200mg twice a day for the next 8 weeks.  To be taken internally, of course.  I know about the increased breast tenderness and bloating... but what else?  And because I know that my Beloved will ask... what about bd-ing?  Please give me any info you can!

So, morning sickness kicked in full force this afternoon.  I was really nauseous last night, so much so that I had to sleep half sitting up.  I was feeling mildly pukey when I woke up this morning, but once I ate and got going I was ok.  But this afternoon... oy!  I ate lunch and almost immediately regretted it.  I lasted about a half hour before I had to leave work, and then I barely made it home before losing my lunch behind our fence.  Ugh.  Now I feel a bit better, but I'm exhausted. 

In other news... my grandmother is not doing well.  She's currently in the ICU, on a breathing tube and kidney dialysis.  The doctors don't really know what's going on.  Please pray for her and her doctors.

My Beloved just came home with flowers for me... tulips!  How sweet!


  1. Oh Tulips are my fave! Enjoy them!

    First, healing prayers fo ryour grams!!

    And woot woot for seeing a little bean!! So glad to hear that your Dr wasn't passive!

    W/ internal prog, I think night time might be best so you prevent leakage (eek! sorry for that!); and wear a liner. All else is the s/e from it.

    I'm doing a happy dance for you, Mrs. G!

  2. Glad your doc's visit went well...I was thinking of you. :)

    Wish I had some advice about the prometrium but that was the only thing I wasn't put on! I have used it before and agree with what SooSee said about using it at night. And I was too afraid to BD, even if the okay was given! :)

    Sorry you're feeling so yucky...but so glad that you are, too! I was the same way...and nothing really helped. Not small meals, not crackers and ginger ale...none of the usual suspects. But if it makes sense, I was happy to be so puny...I held it as a good sign, you know?

    Saying prayers for your grandma and for youu. Hope you get some good news soon. Hugs!

  3. I think I inserted the prometrium, I didn't take it orally. For me, I had the symptoms you said, and BD'ing was fine. But, I'd wait until the u/s to bd anyway, if I were you.

  4. I had horrible morning sickness. I would suggest if it really bothers you, especially all day, consider taking Diclectin. It really helped me, I couldn't have coped without it, as by 6 weeks, I couldn't eat at all. It will make you sleepy for a few days but chances are you will be feeling that way anyway. But HOORAY for morning sickness - it is good news!

    Praying for you and your grandmother.

  5. Yay for the u/s and the bean sighting!

    So very sorry to hear about your Grandma's health. I am praying for her.

    As for the prometrium, it will intensify any and all pregnancy symptoms. Try to insert it when you have a chance to sit (or preferably lie) down. There is no reason to avoid bd-ing. However, if you plan on doing one of your prometrium doses at night, either do it about 2 hours before bed time or after bd-ing.

    Check your email.

  6. Hm. First YAY! I can't wait for the next US.
    I didn't notice a huge change in my tenderness or symptoms with Prometrium but I had so many other drugs in my system they could have completely overridden it. I would wake up an hour before my normal wake up time, void, insert, place a liner and go back to sleep. At night I placed it right before bed. I would wait 30 minutes after placement for BD or place it after BD to make sure it has time to absorb. (I was on pelvic rest the whole time so this was not something I had to ask about.) It was a little messy but otherwise I didn't notice anything notable. Some of my friends have noticed some light pink spotting when they used it, I didn't.
    Good luck!

    Sorry about your grandma, I hope they can figure it out soon.

  7. I'd go with Kristin's 2 hours. I was told it was best if I could lie down for 30 minutes after Prom. insertion that's why I used that time, maybe she has better info.

  8. I am just so excited for you!!! It was really hard for me to really accept I was going to finally have a baby, too. The first trimester I kept saying, "If I am pregnant, than blah blah blah..." My husband would look at me and say, "Honey, you ARE pregnant." It was very weird!

    I'm so sorry about your grandmother. Sending up a prayer for her!

  9. I'm so glad all is well in preggo land. :-) SOOOO glad that you are on prometrium, too. You can get these things called "Instead Cups" which are supposed to be used for menstruation, but it does help to keep the progesterone goo off of your underwear. :-)

  10. no progesterone tips for you unfortunately - but so happy to hear all is well with the bean :)

    And woo for flowers from the hubby! What a nice surprise :)

    Prayers for your grandma xxx

  11. I wear a pad with the progesterone. It can be pretty leaky. Sorry the morning sickness is hitting you.

  12. I hope that your betas come back looking fantastic and that the doctors are able to figure out what is going on with your grandmother. Hopefully she starts doing better quickly!


  13. Hi sweetie,
    I apologise for not commenting, nutty things going on in my life but I just want you to know how excited I am for you especially to read more updates!! Glad to hear the m/s is hitting you hard. I don't want to sound like an ass and say 'it's a good sign...' because we know all the symptoms in the world don't mean a thing, but I really hope that it is one!!
    Take care of that little apple seed now :)

  14. This post and comments have been very helpful for me. I decided to start taking my Prometrium vaginally, and twice/day (it was prescribed orally once/day but that wasn't working). While on vacation, I switched to orally because I didn't know if you could BD while on it. It's good to know that that shouldn't be an issue. I am 4 weeks and 1 day, and have started spotting. I am going to go back to taking the meds vaginally.

    Best wishes to you, and congrats!!


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