Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gratuitous, Self-Indulgent Dreck

Good evening... er, morning Humble Readers.

My sleep schedule is all out of whack right now, thus you are getting a middle of the night post. 

First up, because I'm sure you are dying to know... inventory last night went well.  Surprisingly so.  I don't wish to malign the particular inventory company whose services we utilize, but in all my previous experiences with them, their staff haven't been the brightest crayons in the box.  However, last night, I was pleasantly surprised.  The majority of them were efficient, filled with common sense, and altogether pleasant.  They were so good, that we actually had all the basic counting, verifications, and required audits done by midnight!  Amazing!  Normally, it's 4 or 5 am before the counters leave the store.

Second, a cycle update.  8... er, 9dpo now.  I made it through the morning (when I'm home alone) without caving to the taunting of the pee sticks.  I was going to assemble the shelving unit we bought at IKEA last weekend, but as I mentioned above, my sleep schedule is wacky right now so I ended up dozing most of the morning.  Phantom symptoms are more pronounced today (aka - the b00bs are KILLING ME!!).  The last two days I have had this odd sort of hot flash thing going on in the late evenings.  Not enough to register on my thermometer (yes I checked), but enough to make my face flush and make me feel uncomfortable.  Mild nausea, with a few moments of true gagginess.  The thing that's kind of got me a bit concerned is that I'm feeling kind of crampy tonight.  I know it could potentially be a good thing, but with AF showing her ugly face so early last cycle, I'm a bit freaked out.  Here's hoping that being back on the vitamin b is doing the trick. 

I know I'm over analyzing every little thing, and Sunday morning has the potential to be a real bitch.  But I'm still feeling that seed of hope.  I just hope it gets a chance to germinate. 

Here's hoping that my lack of interest in chocolate today is a good sign, too.


  1. I am hoping right along with you!! Lack of interest in chocolate definitely sounds like a good sign.
    Stay away AF!!
    Take care

  2. Sending you some sunshine and water for your little seed of hope! I have my fingers crossed for you Mrs Gamgee.


  3. Sounds like some promising symptoms! I hope that this is your month!

  4. Glad the inventory went well! That must be quite a task, and not the most rewarding aspect of the task.

    I always found 9, 10, and maybe even 11 DPO to be the worst of the TWW. But fingers crossed and prayers up that your signs lead to a BFP!!

  5. It's sounding really, really good. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Glad inventory went so well.

  6. Sweet Friend,

    I am 10 dpo and have been having to realllly restrain myself not to do a hpt. This weekend I will for sure, if AF hasn't arrived. And I'm with you...SO hopeful. Trying not to get myself overly excited, but yet finding the positive "maybes" in a lot of things. (I swear my sense of smell has been super heightened this week, though I know it seems like it would be very early for that.) Anyway, as always prayers and warm thoughts for you and your DH. And fingers crossed for both of us! Much love!

  7. Definitely have my fingers crossed for you!!

  8. I worked in the stock room of a book/music/video store and our inventories were a week long. We'd do a section every morning before the store opened. I was also responsible for doing all the pulls and returns, which was nice because I could do it solo. It's nice you had an efficient crew.
    I commented on your most recent post first, since it came up in my reader first so I'll say that I hope it's all a good sign!! FX!


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