Monday, March 15, 2010

Like An Itch You Can't Scratch

Good Morning Humble Readers...

For all the rational side of me is screaming at me, I am actually feeling really hopeful for this cycle. 

My O went back to my normal, after three months of craziness.  My chart looks really pretty (check the link to the right), and with the help of the, I'm feeling confident that we covered my O window well.  I'm 7dpo today, which means another 5 or 6 days to go.  My phantom symptoms are definitely there, although not overly persistent, which is different enough for me to note the change. 

And because I'm feeling so hopeful, I am starting to get that impulse to test.  Those two boxes under my bathroom sink are taunting me.  Calling to me...

I'm utilizing all my usual tricks while I'm at home to avoid the itch.  Distraction, misdirection, and avoidance... but I need outside help.  At least for another few days, until my temps start to drop, the need for chocolate grabs me, the mood swings start, and reality sinks in.

In other news: tonight is inventory at work.  Ugh!  I'm one of the lucky ones and am getting an early shift, 4pm-midnight.  Most are working until 4am.  Thankfully, we are only counting the toy and gift departments.  But it will still be a long shift.


  1. Don't test yet! I'd wait until at least 10dpo. I used to make up little goals for myself like, waiting to test on my day off if it was only a couple days away or I'd pee quickly in the morning before I'd gotten out the test. You can do it! :) I'm hoping for you!

    Oh boy I remember inventory back when I worked in retail. Good luck!

  2. STEP AWAY FROM THE PEE STICKS!...or do I have to come up there and take them away from you?

    {{{Hugs}}} and good luck

  3. Yeah don't test girl, RESIST! Have fun at work, don't work too hard. And this will be your cycle, i feel it.

  4. and Fertility Chick are only 3 days apart in your cycles.

  5. I'm with the girls, WAIT a few more days! I'd be scare of Kristin's threat, she'll DO IT!

    Crossing fingers, legs, and everything else I can contort into a crossing position for ya, love!

  6. I am hopeful for you too. Waiting is the worst. I'm only 1dpo, but I'm really hopeful for this cycle too. I hope this cycle is it :)


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