Thursday, November 26, 2009

Only An Infertile Would Understand

Good evening, Humble Readers!

You know you are an infertile when you don't even bat an eye walking into your favourite discount big box store and spending $30 on several different brands of hpts, and $5 on fem-hy products.

Yes, I've decided to cave and test tomorrow. I will be 12dpo, which is only one day shy of my usual luteal phase. My phantom symptoms have been pretty incredible today... I've actually been really nauseous today, exhausted, and oh the pain in the b00bs! In a normal cycle, by this time in my cycle the phantom symptoms are starting to fade.

I know it's probably just all in my mind, but that little seed of hope is still there.


  1. I really am hoping for you hon, keeping everything crossed that you see the two lines, plus sign the word pregnant, smiley face or anything else that indicates a positive result for you!

  2. OMG..Im late to the party..Have you tested yet?! I am hoping w/all my heart you get every single positve result available!! Praying super hard for you!!

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