Monday, October 5, 2009

Going Crazy... Wanna Come Along?

Good Morning Humble Readers...

I apologize for my lack of being around. I've been feeling rather ooky lately and honestly I've been distracted.

Now you may be wondering what could distract me from sharing a fraction of the 1200 or so pictures we took in NYC.

First up, my Beloved brought a cold back with him from New York. He's been snarfly and coughing for the last week. I have been determined not to catch his 'crud'.

Second... getting caught up at work has been more daunting than I expected. That's what I get for taking vacation just before the big gear up for the holiday season. Combine that with the fact that the weather has turned and the blustery autumn wind and rain have been driving customers in in droves. We had our busiest day since before April on the weekend.

Third... I am now officially 'late'. I'm never late. If anything, the witch would show up early. I know it's only by one day, but the phantom symptoms have been especially apparent this past week. My temps are going up, and my chart looks perfect (don't believe me? check it out... use the link to the right). The problem? I have gone through 5 tests in the last four days and it's still bfn. With my first pregnancy, I didn't get a positive until I was 15dpo. But with my second, I had a bfp on 11dpo.

I know that even if I do get a bfp, I won't be able to relax... at least not initially.

But I want to know!


  1. Ah yes, the blasted NOT KNOWING. I think that is the most frustrating thing with IF...the Am I, or NOT?

    Sending get well vibes to your DH.

    Hope things calm down with the weather soon.

    And most of all continuing to keep YOU in my prayers for good health and a BFP. (And may you KNOW either way sooner than later.)


  2. I had been wondering! Your chart looks fantastic. Just remember, 18 days of high temps = bfp! Worse come to worse, blood test. Perhaps Her Lovely Fertility Goddess worked?

    Sorry to hear hubby is under the weather. Hope he feels better soon. And hope things settle in at work.

    Keep us posted! :)

  3. I WANT TO KNOW TOO! Those are some gorgeous temps. Good luck...!!!

  4. Thank you for the anniversary wishes!! And OMG to the possible BFP..I hate the not knowing. We are in the same boat..But Im pretty sure I know..Hoping, wishing, and praying for a lovely BFP!!! Keep us updated!!

  5. Oh..and I lurve you so much there is a surprise waiting for you at my blog =)

  6. That is a great looking chart. I hope this is it for you.

  7. I'm stalking you from Baby Centre. We had miscarriages at about the same time and I got a lot of comfort from your comments.

    I'm rooting for you! Go baby go!


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