Monday, August 3, 2015

#MicroBlogMondays: Mom Hair

Hey Humble Readers...

Did you know I shaved my head last winter? Completely bald, in support of one of my best girlfriends, Sira, who was going through chemo treatments. She is, thankfully, in full remission now, and my hair looks more like something someone would actually ask a hairdresser to do for them, rather than just Velcro-like stubble.

I have no regrets about shaving my head, but man oh man I cannot wait for it to grow out. I've been told that short hair suits me and that it's really about time that I cut my hair like most moms do. I, on the other hand, don't like how I look with short hair and am looking forward to when it is long enough to actually do something with. And mostly, I don't like it because when I look in the mirror I don't see myself, I see my bio-mom.

Do you have 'mom-hair'?

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  1. Mine is waist-length. I would just not look good with mom hair. I braid it most of the time.

  2. For me, mom hair=ponytail, and I wear one at least 5 out of 7 days!

  3. Good for you for supporting a friend! I love the idea of short hair, but can't do it. I hate bangs and styling hair, so short just doesn't work unless it's insanely short and I also don't like having to get it cut regularly. I cut it like twice a year to just longer than shoulder-length, and wear Buff head bands to keep it out of my face, since I often get a headache with a ponytail. I'd like to start braiding it, but even that seems like too much work! And yeah, if I had hair that reminded me of my mom, I'd definitely do something different, too.

  4. That is a beautiful way to support your friend. I have very long hair, though I took it up to my mid-back recently instead of to my waist. Much easier to deal with. I don't think I'd look very good with short hair. Though I guess I don't know for certain unless I try it.

  5. I have a assymetrical bob, basically the same haircut that I've had my entire adult life. lol. I consider it "mom hair" when it's been a few days since a good washing. :)

  6. No mom hair here, either. I look awful with short hair because my hair is so big and frizzy and I just don't have the time to give it the flat ironing it needs every day to be somewhat presentable.


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