Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Night Chit Chat: August Long Weekend Edition

Hey Humble Readers...

If this post actually gets published, I will be greatly surprised, as I am ready to chuck my laptop out the window. Blogging should not be this frustrating. I am unable to post any pics right now, as I can't upload anything from my computer or from Picasa. I don't know if it's just a Blogger glitch or if this is one of the myriad of problems I've encountered since my Windows 10 upgrade. Then after doing battle with trying to load a pic, I go ahead and write two thirds of the post, only to accidentally delete the whole thing. Grrr...

Anywho, I fully intended to share a pic of our dinner tonight. Sliced steak with goat cheese polenta, and a sauce made with sautéed peppers and onions, burst grape tomatoes with a little stock and steak sauce. Yummy! It was a first for the wee-lings, as they've never had polenta before, but they both gobbled it up. Of course, Pippin chose not to eat his steak or the peppers in the sauce. I did, however, question my sanity while I was stirring a steaming pot of polenta in this heat. Oh, and the way that Pippin says polenta is too cute... pwowenta.

Here's what I'm:

Reading - I just finished reading "Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times" by Emma Trevayne. It was a good book, a junior fiction (the same intended audience as Harry Potter) steampunk fantasy. It was mostly a fun read, I just questioned the main character's motivation in the middle of the story. I liked it enough that I'll probably read more in the series, if there are more. Tonight I'm going to be starting a reread of Jurassic Park.

Watching - Nothing in particular at the moment, but I'm planning on watching the Simon Pegg movie "Hector and the Search for Happiness"

Listening to - The fan labouring away attempting to move the humid air around.

Budgeting for - School stuff for Ginny. I'm actually doing not too bad with this so far. I ordered some new school clothes for her from The Children's Place, all of it at least 50% off and free shipping. We got her backpack, pencil case, and lunch bag as a set at a 40% off sale last weekend. All that's really left is the actual school supplies (I'm figuring on about $35-40 for that) and her actual school/bussing fees. I know that bussing is $150 for the year, but I'm not sure what the school will be asking for.

Excited for - The wee-lings will be doing a week of day camp (half-days) in a little over a week. Ginny is doing a camp called Bounce Into Fall, and Pip is doing Dino Tykes. I'm sure they'll have a blast, and I'll get a bunch of time to get some stuff done around the hobbit hole.

Adding to my to do list - Noticed today how terribly dirty my kitchen and living room windows are. Really must clean them.

Grateful For - My Beloved's commitment to making time for the wee-lings, even when he's busy with work and his CGA course stuff. He is in the midst of a very challenging course right now (Taxation), but he still makes time to play and listen to their stories.

Thinking About - The story I was writing earlier today.

Doing This Week - I'm trying to build a new schedule for myself that allows me to get all my should-dos done so that I can allow myself to enjoy the things I want to do. (this topic really needs its own post)

I was so glad when I popped over to Carla's My 1/2 Dozen Daily and saw that she had done a Chit Chat post. I had been thinking about doing one myself, but am just lazy enough to be glad she came up with the questions for this week.

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