Monday, August 10, 2015

#Microblog Mondays: Hallelujah!

Hey Humble Readers...

Windows 10 did a number on me last week.  There were so many glitches as a result of the upgrade that I actually stopped using my laptop for a few days, just to save my sanity.  My trackpad two-finger scroll and cursor lock wasn't working (this was HUGE for me) and neither Microsoft nor ASUS had a working fix for it, and blogging had become a nightmare.  I couldn't post pictures through Picasa or from my computer, the compose screen had gone back to the old html format with no way to get it to switch over to the more updated version.  I was having problems commenting on blogs, most of the time my comment wouldn't be posted at all.  And let's not forget all the little changes that are challenging to muscle memory (like where the back button is now, and the layout of the start menu). 

BUT... I am victorious!  I finally got a tip from someone on the Microsoft help forum (not one of their techs... THANK YOU SO MUCH Mournfulbliss, whoever you are!) about rolling back the driver on my trackpad.  After a little tinkering, voila!  I have my two-finger scrolling/cursor lock back again.  Yay!  And after a bit of hunting, I found out that all the problems I have been having with blogging stems from the fact that Blogger and most other traditional blog platforms haven't yet been able to code for the new Microsoft Edge internet browser.  So I have reverted back to Internet Explorer for the time being. 

So now that things are mostly functioning properly, I am a happy hobbit!

This was posted as a part of Mel's #MicroblogMondays.  Click over and check out everyone else's micro posts!  (And yes, I know that this was a little longer than the recommended 7 or 8 sentences, but I had much to say. LOL)


  1. I'm so glad you conquered your Windows10 problems.

  2. I am terrified of Windows 10. I haven't even opened the computer for fear that it will upgrade automatically.

    Now that it's working, are you happy with it?

    1. For the most part. It will just take a bit of getting used to it.

  3. I'm scared of Windows 10 too. Even though I don't like Windows 8, I'm at least used to it, and I'm hoping to delay upgrading as long as possible.

  4. Thanks to you, I am not taking Microsoft's free offer to upgrade to Windows 10. I am on Windows 7 or whatever it was before the dreaded 8 and my laptop works great. Why ruin a good thing?


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