Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hey Humble Readers...

I fully intended a different post for today, but something has pre-empted it. 

I had a horrible nightmare last night.  This morning actually, as I was woken from it by my alarm.  I will say, when I told my Beloved about it, his initial response was to chuckle a bit. 

You see, in the nightmare I was pregnant. 

In the dream, I had just found out I was pregnant, and I was distraught.  Beyond all the practical concerns (like the fact that the hobbit-hole is just too small and we're stuck here for the next couple of years, and that we have been systematically getting rid of all our baby stuff as Pip has outgrown it), I was terrified because I wasn't sure I could face another pregnancy and delivery.  In the dream, I was racing to the doctor's office (which oddly was in the mall), praying that I wasn't really pregnant, and then at the same time battling guilt over not wanting another baby, and fearing that my not wanting the pregnancy would cause me to miscarry. 

I know that there are many women who deal with so much more than I had to during pregnancy.  But with the constant fear that dogged me, particularly during my pregnancy with Pip (inconclusive test results, fear of miscarriage, etc) and my health concerns (gestational diabetes, blood pressure issues, placenta previa), I am 100% happy with the assurance that I won't ever be pregnant again.  Not to mention, the fact that I never ever want to experience a delivery like the one I had with Pip... the C-section from hell with little to no anesthetic. 

I tried to shake off the fear and the anxiety that the dream elicited, but it took until my third lap of the neighbourhood on my walk before I felt the tightness in my throat ease and my anxiety start to let up.  At one point, when I was passing the hospital (on the far end of my lap of the neighbourhood) I actually almost started to cry, just because I couldn't imagine having to make myself go back in there to have a baby.

I have a pretty good idea where the dream came from (not that it's been my first pregnancy dream since Pip was born).  Call it the perfect storm of baby-ness. 

When I transferred all of my clothes from my old dresser to the new last week, I came across a couple of old hpts.  I thought I had gotten rid of all of them, but there at the back of my bottom drawer was a Ziploc bag with a couple from my pregnancy with Ginny.  It was just a little jarring, because they triggered so many memories of how I felt when I first got the positives with my wee sweet girl, as well as how hard it was for me to throw away the positive tests I got from Emily and Olivia (our lost ones... those tests had been the only tangible link I had to the reality of their existence). 

Also, two years ago tomorrow, we found out that Pip was on the way.  We were thrilled, even though I was intensely anxious about how to handle a pregnancy and a 16 month old.  I had no idea how that anxiety would increase over the coming months.  My current cycle has followed that particular cycle almost exactly (was ovulating on my Beloved's birthday, just like I was two years ago), and the coincidence has been niggling at the back of my mind the last few days. 

And lastly, tomorrow is also noteworthy because five years ago I was 11 weeks pregnant, and I woke up spotting.  It was supposed to be my first day back at work after a week off.  Instead, it was the day that I stopped trusting my body.  Our Emily Hope would be four now. 

I think all of these things, piled up together, contributed to the dream.  But no matter what, it was a scary dream that I want to fade into oblivion. 

AF is due by the end of the week, if not before, and honestly I've never been so ready for her to get here.  The legacy of IF is a bitch...


  1. Ugh. So sorry! IF definitely has its own form of PTSD. I often dream of having another miscarriage. It's awful! And even though we're still (and forever) TTC, I totally understand the emotions behind this dream. What's more, just this week I hit the brick wall of TTC where if I have to have sex one more time "on schedule" I might just lose my mind. Aside from every other (and much more important) reason that I want to be pregnant... right now my biggest desire for it is just to have a break from ttc. How lame is that? Just to be able to have sex just because we WANT to... how novel is that!!! LOL. Anyway, hugs to you. I hope AF gets here early and strong for you... and not at all for me. ;)

  2. Uhggg, I hate dreams like that!! Been there myself!! Big hugs!!!!

  3. Oh boy! That sounds like a doozy. :( I hate dreams like that because they seem all too real. I've had my share of them and know how unpleasant they are. Sending you warm thoughts and better dreams.


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