Friday, February 8, 2013

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: The No-Good-Very-Bad Week

Hey Humble Readers...

I totally didn't intend to fall off the face of the earth this week.  But circumstances alter cases, and here I am.  About the only good thing about this week has been the weather... lots of sunshine and warmer temps.  When I say warmer, I mean that we are actually hanging out around the freezing mark. 

Hard on the heels of the yeast beast (which was something I would be super thankful to NEVER EVER have to deal with again), AF showed up.  She was a couple of days early.  I'm wondering if the yeast infection or perhaps the meds contributed to her early arrival.  And yes, she was her usual bitchy self.

GG is going downhill very quickly.  My aunt flew from Manitoba to K-town this morning.  Mom has been basically living at the nursing home.  We aren't anticipating that she will make it through another week.  We have looked into the cost of flying, but given that we now have to pay for a full price ticket for Ginny, it would be about $1200 and then having to pay for a rental car while we're out there.  It looks like when GG passes we'll be driving, which my Beloved isn't thrilled with the idea.  12 hours through the mountains in the winter.  Not going to be a fun trip. 

Pippin has been teething hard this week.  But at least we are seeing some results.  He cut his fifth tooth last night. 

So, remember how we just got my lousy Dell computer back from the repair guys, just a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I had just gotten all my programs reloaded, downloaded and organized all my photos from picasa, and reset all my bookmarks.  Then yesterday happened...

Ginny spilled water on my laptop.  Or rather, she caused me to spill water on my laptop.  I had just sat down on the couch with a full glass of water, my laptop open beside me.  I was looking at Pip and didn't see her dashing over to plow into me.  The glass in my hand went sideways, and about a third of it landed on my laptop keyboard.  I had to disentangle myself from Ginny before I could attempt to do damage control and I think that was my downfall.  I managed to power the computer down, but the screen had already gone black and I heard some of those sickening crackling sounds.  I left it to dry out overnight, and when I tried it this morning it worked for a minute or two before it crackled again and crashed.  The question before us now is do we dump another bunch of money into having it repaired for a third time in the last 10 months, or do we write it off and try to figure out how to work a new one into our budget. 

In the interim, I'm using my Beloved's new laptop when he's not home.  It's a tad frustrating because it runs windows 8 (not bad, just different) and a differently laid out keyboard (the shift key is tiny!). 

I want to leave you with something to make you smile, seeing as all the rest of this has been pretty whiney. 

Ginny & Shadow-Girl
One thing I forgot to include in my January post about Ginny was her relationship with her "Shadow-girl".  She first discovered her shadow last summer when the evening sun would shine through our kitchen, but as the summer faded, so did shadow-girl.  Around Christmas time, Ginny found her shadow-girl again, this time on our dining room wall, and started talking to her.  Usually just about her toys or dinner, but it became fairly common.  Then she started giving her shadow-girl smooches and hugs.  She's tried to show Pip his shadow-boy, but he's just not interested.  


  1. Oh no! Sorry about your computer. Twice I dropped my smart phone in the toliet when it was in my back pocket. Ugh, after the first time you would think I'd have learned!! Anyway, sounds like you need to bite the bullet and get a new computer!!

  2. That does sound no good and very bad! Boooo! :( I say to hell with that laptop! It's cursed! Keep using Beloved's for awhile until you save up for a new non Dell laptop! How does Pip have so many teeth!? Mine still has two lol. Sorry to hear about GG. :( I love Ginny's pjs and her shadow girl. Adorable!!

  3. Ack! What is it with toddlers and laptop destruction?!?!?

    Sorry to hear about GG.

    Shadow Girl, I LOVE IT!

    Windows 8 sucks.


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