Saturday, December 29, 2012

What The Heck Happened There?

Hey Humble Readers..

Are any of you still out there? 

I know I just sort of dropped off the face of the planet this month, and for that I apologize.  I had grand plans... so many grand plans for battling my now traditional December-equals-no-blogging situation. 

Seriously, what is it about December?  Last year I was pregnant, diabetic, dealing with a major stomach flu and a carbon monoxide scare (which resulted in having to replace our hot water tank)... and I was traveling.  Ok, so that explains last year.  And the year before I was adjusting to a newborn and breastfeedings struggles.  So that explains 2010. 

But what happened this year?  The year when I actually succeeded in getting a huge amount of my Christmas prep done by the end of November?  When I had a plan for blogging all about developing family traditions?  And what about that December photo challenge?

I honestly don't know.  It wasn't one specific thing.  But there were a lot of little things and some gunky things that just sucked my ability, inspiration, and inclination to write. 

First, there was the anemia.  Why is it that you can struggle along for months just dragging your sorry ass out of bed and through the day, but as soon as you get a diagnosis that explains the fatigue, you just let it take over?  Oh, wait... that's just me?  Yup... that confirms my pathetic-ness.  Seriously, most days I need to at least snooze a bit and I'm in bed and asleep far earlier than I ever have been in my adult, non-pregnant life.  Things are improving.  I've gone back to taking my daily vitamins, my B vitamins, and have added iron pills.  It's going to take a while for my iron stores to build back up, but I'm getting there. 

Second, the situation with my parents went from bad to hellacious in a heartbeat.  Multiple times a day, for more than two weeks, I was getting texts, emails, and phone calls from my Mom and my sister detailing the new and despicable horrors that my dad is subjecting my Mom to.  Seriously, my dad and his 'girlfriend' (do you have any idea how gross it is to say that?  And how hard it is to not use some other nasty word?) harass my mom constantly.  She has changed her home number, bought a new cell phone, and has had a friend move in with her just for security.  My dad is pushing her to sign some papers that he printed up himself, and until she does he's making all kinds of threats, including moving himself and his piece of tail back into the house.  His primary goal throughout the whole month of December was to ruin Mom's Christmas... demanding that she give him all kinds of household items, primarily things that Mom would need to cook and serve Christmas dinner (of course, knowing that cooking is one of Mom's favourite things to do, especially at the holidays).  I know that sounds ridiculous and petty (and it totally is) but my mom does not have the emotional reserves to deal with the constant bullying.  Thankfully, my dad agreed to a truce for a week or so over Christmas itself.  Mom finally has found legal representation, so hopefully things will move forward soon and we can be done with him and his skeeziness.  I never would have expected that he would treat Mom this way, EVER.

Not everything has been bad news... My Beloved has been offered a new job!  There were several interviews this month, and while the process was stressful I think ultimately this will be a good fit and an improvement in our financial situation.  The job is with a publicly traded company that owns several hotels and casinos.  The salary is a modest step up from where he's at currently to start, but the big BIG thing is that this company is more than happy to pay for his CGA fees and courses!  That a $15K bill that we don't have to pay!  He starts his new job at the end of January. 

Ginny and Pip are both doing really well, and growing like stinkweeds.  Pip has two teeth now, with another two ready to pop through anytime.  Ginny is talking up a storm. 

I've managed to lose close to 20 pounds in the last couple of months, by not doing much of anything except upping my water intake.  I'm hoping to add some more physical activity to that soon, but it's been so freakin' cold here on the flatland that I have no interest in being outside for anything longer than it takes to walk to the car.  Seriously, the daytime high on Christmas Day was -25C... BEFORE THE WIND!  Yikes, that's cold. 

I was able to accomplish some pretty cool crafting this month.  And my Beloved really enjoyed his Christmas countdown that I made for him.  But I'll be back tomorrow with a bit about Christmas in the hobbit hole.  I hope you all had a great holiday season.  I'm looking forward to re-connecting with all of you!


  1. Congrats on the new job. Can you rent a bigger place - like a townhouse with a garage or even a small house?? From what you have said in the past, it sounds like you could use more room.

  2. Glad things are OK...I've been kind of missing through all this month as well. Sorry about the parental stuff...I can't imagine what you're going through with all of that.

    So excited about your beloved's new job! So good for you!

    Glad the kiddos are doing well. Hope things settle down for you....good thoughts being sent your way!

  3. Hey! Glad you're back-I was starting to worry! I hope things are settled between your parents soon. I'm sorry that you have to deal with all that. I know family drama is no fun!

    I am so happy for your beloved!

  4. Oh my hell! I can't believe the situation with your parents. I'm so sorry that you are having to go through that. Obviously, it's worst for your mom, but bad for you and your sis as well.

    Glad to hear that you're well otherwise, though :) Missed you.

  5. I've missed you!! Glad for an update! Yay about the new job and boooooo to the parental stuff. Your poor mom!!!! :( loved your card, thanks for sending it. Happy almost new year!

  6. Dec 14 also happened. The Hobbiy movie opened. Did you see it? What did you think?

  7. Dude. I was wondering where you went! I figured The Shire, you know, since it is once again available to us human folk. WOOT.

    Um, anyway... good to hear from you! The thing with your Dad sounds AWFUL. I wish I could offer any kind of help, but man. That blows.

    Congrats on the new job! And the weight loss - good on you!!!!

    I now demand pictures of mini-Hobbits. Make it happen.

  8. I've fallen off the grid lately too, but mine is from 3 straight rounds of the stomach flu, courtesy of Kindergarten. LOL. I'm glad your anemia is getting better, I get that a lot and I know it's rough! Ugh, your dad... just, grrrrrr... and also, SO glad that your mom has a lawyer now! Maybe a restraining order or something to go along with it? And I am SO excited that your hubby got a new job!!!! And that they're willing to pay for his CGA!!!! Woot! Good job on the weight loss, I need to drink more water! LOL. But stay inside where it's warm... sounds like going out to exercise would help you lose weight quickly, by way of dying limbs.

  9. Ugh, I am so sorry to hear about the anemia and your father. What a pain! I'm really glad to hear about the job offer though, yay!


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