Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Hobbit-ish Christmas

Good Evening Humble Readers...

It's been a bit of a busy day around the hobbit hole.  But things are quiet now.  The wee-lings are asleep and my Beloved is working on his course-work.  And I am snuggled under a warm blanket watching the Call the Midwife Christmas special and chatting with you fine folks. 

So... our busy day.  First up, we skipped church this morning so that my Beloved could watch the Canada vs the US hockey game.  With the NHL lockout dragging on, this is the only hockey my Beloved may get to watch this winter.  While he did that, I worked on reorganizing the wee-lings plethora of new toys in the continuing-to-shrink nursery.  I was able to weed out a few things that were too well loved by Ginny to move on to Pip, and a few other odds and ends. 

After the hockey game was over (2-1 for Canada!  Yay!), I sent my Beloved out to run some errands and I began the depressing task of de-Christmas-ifying of the hobbit hole.  Now our living room and kitchen look stark and bare, but I feel a little less claustrophobic.  I love love love Christmas, but it seems that I can only handle the clutter of Christmas decor for a brief period of time.  December 1st to the day before New Year's Eve is about all I can take. 

I have to say though, even with the ridiculousness and drama of my family, we had a nice Christmas.  The wee-lings were spoiled rotten, and so was I... a programmable slow cooker with a temperature probe for larger cuts of meat, a plus-sized apron (so that both b00bs are covered at the same time... lol), and some movies (Downton Abbey seasons 1 & 2... with season 3 on pre-order, and Pillars of the Earth) from my Beloved and the wee-lings.  A creme brulee torch and ramekins from my Mom, and the most bizarre popcorn maker.  I had it on my wish-list, thinking that if she chose to get us that it would be an ordinary popcorn popper, but instead she gave us this...
Just a little random, as neither my Beloved nor
I have ever been interested in soccer.

It's hilarious.  I have to keep it just for the laugh.  :)

And because SRB demanded... ;) here's a slew of pictures of the wee-lings (and other random Christmas stuff). 
Not smiling, but they aren't screaming. 
I call it a win.

Our first Christmas with our scout elf, Hermie.


Mini Cinnimon Loaves with Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments
(for my Beloved's co-workers)

Mini Cinnamon Loaves

Peppermint Melt-Aways... sooo yummy!

In his Christmas Eve jammies

After Santa's visit

Ginny's first look at the tree on Christmas morning

Once she discovered her little kitchen,
Ginny lost all interest in her other presents


Opening more gifts with Daddy on Boxing Day

Ginny & Pip with Mama, Oscar, and Felix
on Boxing Day

Mistle-toes: Ginny & Pip's footprints

My newest nativity - need to find some straw for the manger
next year.


  1. Thanks for sharing!! God bless you and have an awesome 2013!

  2. Bahaha...the soccer ball. That is hilarious! I guess as long as it makes decent popcorn it doesn't matter :)

    The pic of the kids with Santa is adorable!

    OMG, I am SOO excited for the DA premiere on Jan 6th! Heath and I were watching TV and a preview came on and I squee'd a little (okay, maybe a lot) and Heath gave me the strangest look. He doesn't "get" DA or why people like it so much!


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