Monday, December 3, 2012

A Busy Day At The Hobbit-Hole

Hey Humble Readers...

I fully intended to get here earlier to post for the Monday Snapshot, but it just didn't happen. 

Considering that I dozed a bit this morning while Pip napped and Ginny watched Sesame Street I still managed to get a lot done today.  (yes... I am a bad bad mummy.  In my defense, she was on the couch with me the whole time beating on my legs so I knew where she was.)

All of the usual morning stuff (shower, beds made, dressed) for me and the wee-lings went smoother than normal, and by 8:30 I was able to be working on folding laundry!  Will wonders never cease?

I cleaned the kitchen, top to bottom. I even cleaned the oven.  It sooooo needed it.  Set off the smoke detectors three times while making dinner last night. 

Made a pan of some yummy treats for my Beloved (as a part of his Christmas countdown... he gets to take them to work tomorrow.  Smores Bars - think rice krispie treats only made with Golden Grahams, chocolate chips, and a few extra marshmallows).

Made some yummy Chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot! 

Fixed the Christmas tree... It only took about an hour.  I ended up just leaving the defective string of lights on the tree and adding new ones.  But I still had to remove the garland and a whole bunch of ornaments.  Glad it's done now.  It looks great.

I finished a craft project that I started a while back.  A felt Christmas tree, with felt decorations, on the wall, for the wee-lings to play with.  I'm not great with fabric crafts, so I'll just say that the results of this one was a tad rustic and leave it at that. 

Overall, I'm proud of how things went today.  I'm pooped now and I'm going to bed pretty darn quick. 

Here's today's installment for the photo challenge... the theme is "gifts".

This is the only gift under the tree for us, between now and Christmas Eve.  Part of the reasoning behind it is practical (keeping a two year old away from wrapped presents all day gets tiresome) and the majority of it is for spiritual reasons. 

This little box contains four smaller boxes.  And inside each of those boxes, there is a a short devotional reading.  On each Sunday in Advent we read the devotional at the dinner table and then hang that week's little gift-box on the tree. 

I love the magic of the Christmas season.  My kids will know about Santa and Rudolph and the Grinch.  I love the shopping, the wrapping, the food, and the anticipation for what is in those pretty packages. 

But it is, for me and mine, first and foremost a time to reflect on the gift of the Christ-child. 


  1. What beautifully wrapped gifts! I must go out and buy better ribbons.

  2. Wow! What a productive day! I'm trying to be productive again one day, but so far, no luck. ;) Love the idea of the gifts! And I'm with you, I've been repeatedly explaining (and making him repeat me) to my 5 year old that Christmas is like Jesus' birthday... and we give eachother gifts because "whatsoever ye have done unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done unto me"... which means giving eachother gifts is our way of giving a gift to Christ... I don't know if he's totally getting it, but he's able to sort of understand it anyway. :)

  3. Look at you go~ you are putting me to shame! Our tree is up but yet to be decorated. Not sure when that will happen?? Hopefully soon! I still want to make that soup, it sounds so yummy. I think that's one of the ones you posted the recipe to?

  4. Just checking in on you to see how you are. Hope all is well in the Hobbit Hole! (Loved your Christmas card, btw! Thank you for thinking of me!)


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