Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat & A Photo Challenge

Hey Humble Readers...

I'm feeling a fair bit better than when I posted earlier today.  I'm still going to have to deal with the tree because it irks me every time I look at it, but I'm going to leave it until tomorrow afternoon while Ginny is sleeping. 

In other news... I burned my arm whilst making dinner tonight, and yesterday I found out that I am borderline anemic (at the blood donor clinic... hence I didn't donate blood).  Fun times!  Iron pills here I come.

A while back I came across this photo challenge, and even though it's from last year, I think I'm going to play along for this month. 

Of course, I'm starting late, but here's my interpretation of "lights" and "decorations". 
I made these little "sparklers" earlier this fall to help
magnify the lights in our tree.
Santa's key... for homes without a chimney.
One of my favourite decorations
And now onto the Chit Chat.  Here's what I'm...

Reading: I'm embarassed to say I'm still reading the Hobbit.  *sigh*  I love it, but I just can't stay awake to read more than two or three pages at night. 

Watching: Once Upon a Time and later I'll watch a bit of Downton Abbey while my Beloved and I play scrabble.

Listening to: My Beloved doing the dishes and Pippin snarffling and gruntin in his sleep.

Cooking/Baking:  Did a roasted chicken with a bit of a new-to-me technique tonight.  I melted some butter in a saucepan, added finely diced onion and garlic, some thyme and a few slices of lemon.  Then I soaked a piece of cheese-cloth in the mix, and then draped the cloth over the chicken and roasted it.  I took the cloth of for the last 10 minutes to crisp up the skin.  It was great!  And I used the leftover butter/onion/garlic mixture as the base for my gravy (added the chicken drippings when the chicken was done).  Served it with mashed taters, green beans, and yorkies.  Yum!

Happy you accomplished this week: A special Christmas countdown for my Beloved.  See below.
Took a little longer than I expected to decorate the envelopes

Each envelope contains a surprise (albeit simple) for my Beloved.
Looking forward to next week:  Finishing up a couple of crafts and getting my gifts wrapped.

Thankful for today: A cozy hobbit-hole to snuggle in while it snows... and snows... and snows.

*Bonus Question* You receive a clothing gift from someone who is very close to you, but you absolutely HATE it. Yet you KNOW that they're going to expect you to wear the item & "can't wait to see you in it!!!" What do you do?  I say, "Thank you so much.  It's beautiful, but just not my style."  I have to say this a few time to my MIL when she finds random things at her local thrift store for me.  (Not that I have anything wrong with thrift store shopping... but my MIL and I have very dissimilar tastes, and she doesn't understand that). 

This was posted as a part of Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat.  Click over and find out what others are chatting about tonight.


  1. My mother-in-law has a mountain souvenir-type shop in Italy and she carries some cheap clothing which I mostly hate. I'm tall and have long arms, so nothing ever fits me right. She always wants me to choose stuff as her gift to me, and I never know what to do. If you can tell someone that you appreciate them but it's not your style, and get away with it, more power to you! I'm afraid I don't have the balls.

  2. Lol. I remember the first time that my in-laws bought me clothes...I don't exactly remember what I did to stop them but that didn't last too long...thankfully! Oy!

    That Santa key is adorable!

  3. LOVE that Santa Key!! I've never seen those! Just brilliant! And fun.. lol! Love your advent! One of these days i'll have my act together and do one of those! lol!


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