Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Crazies

Oh Humble Readers...

I'm so frustrated I'm ready to cry. 

We put up our tree yesterday and it ended up being rather drama-filled.  And all the drama was centered on the lights, or rather our suspicious lack of lights and my Beloved's efforts to go buy me more lights to put on the tree. 

Finally, ten hours after we started (remember, there are to wee-lings in this hobbit-hole who needed looking after and feeding and putting to bed), we were finally done with the decorations, and the tree looked great. 

Fast forward to now...

A strand of lights on the front now only has one in three bulbs lit up.  They were working fine one minute, and then they weren't.  I've isolated the offending strand, but in order to attempt to fix it I would have to remove the beaded garland, and all the ornaments on the front two thirds of the tree. 

(Of course, my immense emotional response to this situation has been coloured by the fact that Pip was up half the night with teething pain.)

I'm tired.  I'm frustrated.  And I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit just now. 



  1. i would be inclined to just unplug that strand of lights, leave them on the tree and connect a new strand in that spot. Or let it be for a few days until you have a good night's sleep and are feeling more festive, then you can tackle undecorating and redecorating the tree and you may be less frustrated after the whole process.

  2. I feel ya. This year I am not putting up a tree. Last year, my rather large male cat knocked it down and dragged the garland around the living room. In addition, he swatted the bulbs around as well. After a week of that nonsense, I hid it in the bedroom where he is not allowed. Since I am single and will be going to Arizona for the year, the heck with it. lol


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