Friday, August 10, 2012

Pippin @ 3 Months

Hey Humble Readers...

(I realize that posts like this, about wee-ling growth & development, can be hard for some to read.  I get it.  I post this here for my own sake, mostly.  I would hate to forget these moments.  If you want to read, you are more than welcome to, but if you need to click past, I understand.)
Hangin' out with his cousin Felix
Our wee little mister just keeps getting bigger.  Who said that was allowed??  To quote my grandma, we need to put a brick on his head to keep him from growing any more.  I blame my Beloved... he wants both of the kids to be bigger, so he can teach them chess.  *sigh*

He actually did pretty well on the 11 hour road trip.
It was a big month for Pip... first major road trip, first vaccinations, first encounter with dogs, getting to meet many family members for the first time, and getting baptized.  So many firsts!
Snugglin' with GG (my grandma)
Pippin went for his 3 month check up yesterday, and all went really well.  Honestly, it was one of the best appointments I've ever had with Dr. B (famed for being under-whelming).  The doc was very happy with the improvement in Pip's head shape, and that he's already rolling over.  We were able to get a prescription cream for the wee mister's eczema (it's particularly awful on his feet and legs, and around his bellybutton).  We discussed his sleep habits and how much he's eating.  Pip was very smiley and happy through the whole thing, so it was very relaxed. 
With cousins, Z-man, Oscar, & Felix
Pip is up to 14lb 6.5oz.  Yup, he's huge.  We're going to have to move him out of size 2 diapers soon.  They're just getting too small.  And it's about time for me to go through his wardrobe and determine which pieces I'm keeping for posterity and which ones will get added to the sell/give away pile. 
With Mama (my mom)
With Granpa Won (my grandpa)

When he gets very happy, he's so close to laughing that I can almost taste it.  He definitely is cooing and ahhing a lot.  Pippin's a very social little guy, to the point where he gets frustrated if he can hear us but can't see us (like at dinner time). 
While in K-town, Pip basically lived in
 Auntie S's arms (my sister)
He's beginning to try to support himself on his legs, when I hold him under the arms, and he's definitely getting comfy in his seat.  Soon it will be time to pull out the jumper-seat we had for Ginny. 
Cousin Z-man

Pip adores his big sister, and loves it when she leans over the side of his bassinet or gets down on the floor with him.  He gives her the biggest smiles, but I rarely have the camera handy to capture it. 
smiley baby
He's been very generous over the last few weeks, giving us several nights with 5+ hours of sleep.  Of course I still wake up at 3am, but I'm hoping to get over that soon. 
doing tummy time
I need to remember to take some pictures of him in the cradle (all the grandkids on my Beloved's side of the family have slept in this cradle) this month, as I'm sure that we'll be moving him into the nursery with Ginny next month. 
with Auntie Sira
He still snores, blows bubbles galore, and belches like a sailor.  His cradle cap hit it's peak about a week ago (ick!) and it doesn't seem to be quite as bad as it was.  Pip never did get the baby acne like Ginny did, which has been nice.  He sucks on his fist, rather than his thumb, and he sucks on it like it's a tootsie pop. 
He's such a good little guy, and a total blessing.  Even on his toughest days, I wouldn't trade one moment of being his Mummy.  :)


  1. Awwww..". You are blessed!!! :)

  2. I love this post! What a big lil man! :) the bumbo pic is my fave. Xo

  3. Okay, just tell it to me again. He is three months already?

    Am glad to see him growing so well. The last pic of he and sister smooching is amazing.

    I wish Figlia's cousins lived close by. I really wish there were some kids around her in the evening too.


  4. Gorgeous pictures. He's adorable! So nice he was able to meet your extended family!

  5. What a cutey! So many people who love him. We cured cradle cap by rubbing olive oil. Yes, plain cooking olive oil. Worked in a day.


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