Monday, August 13, 2012

Memorable Moment Mondays: Welcome To Crazy-town

Hey Humble Readers...

I'm trying to relax in a relatively quiet hobbit-hole, after a very chaotic day. 
Ginny, wearing a pair of her new training pants
on her head. 
This about sums up my day.
I think Ginny is heading into another growth spurt, or maybe her two year molars are starting to come in.  She was just a bear all day, into everything and not wanting to sleep at all (even though she had black smudges under her eyes all day).  Grumpy!  I think she's also very frustrated with her limited vocabulary.  She's doing remarkably well, learning new words every day, but she still can't express what's bothering her.  And she's gotten her Mummy's stubbornness... poor wee girl.

And Pippin... I don't know what's going on.  He's just been a grumpy gus.  If it was a few months from now, I might think it was separation anxiety.  He has been a little gassy, his eczema is still pretty rotten, and he's been wanting to eat a bit more than normal.  So, not really indicating a growth spurt, but maybe? 

Overall, it has just been a loud, frustrating kind of day.  Tomorrow will be better. 

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  1. I think that our children are up chatting with each other all night! That's why they are all grumpy! Cadet was grumpy all day! We should really tell them not to make long distance phone calls at night!

    Hope tomorrow is better!!!


  2. Oof - those frustrating days are hard, but maybe documenting it here will make the easier days seem even sweeter, right? :)

  3. I was laughing at the panties on her head, but I know that it must be frustrating(x2).

    I think little Pip is definitely going through a growth spurt too. Do you give him gripe water? I think that should help with the gas.

    Take Care, and have a little chocolate. Le sigh.

  4. Hey, maybe it's Cabin Fever. Have they been out and about?

  5. What a funny pic! I would bet you're right about your girl feeling frustrated. I've heard multiple times that the 1-2 age is a really tough one because they have such strong opinions and emotions but don't yet have the vocabulary to express it... I hope today's better!

  6. Love Ginny's pic. I'm quite sure I have almost an identical one of PJ. Silly girls! :)

    Sorry to hear that it's been a rough day. Prayers that tomorrow is better...and I second the vote for chocolate from above.

  7. A picture really is worth 1,000 words, eh? Good for you for jotting down the *real* story - those memories are important too!

  8. Crazy town indeed. :-)

    My daughter at 4 is still having issues with sometimes not being understood and I think it is so much a basic need of humans to be understood. And it is frustrating! :-)


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