Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Generosity

Howdy Humble Readers,

Things here in the hobbit-hole were better yesterday, with the wee-lings both taking naps and just being in generally better moods.  I don't know if the the lovely cool rainy weather played a part, but overall, things were much better. 

Today I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of others.  First, a lady from our church came by with three boxes of infant/toddler boy clothes, a box of childrens' books, and a box of toys.  I had just sorted through all that and started some of it in the laundry, when another friend came by bearing gifts... four large bags and a gift bag, filled with more toddler boy clothes.  All in great shape, some had hardly ever been worn.

I'm swimming in overalls, jeans, long sleeved tees, hoodies, stripey socks and shoes.  Seriously, my coffee table is lined up with seven pairs of boots, shoes, and sandals in sizes ranging from 4 to 6.  I am so incredibly grateful to these generous women. Seriously, I won't need to buy clothes for our wee little mister from age 1 to age 3 or 4.  And Ginny will even be able to wear some of this stuff this winter. 

Just when I start to worry about managing buying clothes, birthdays (our families have many b-days from Aug-Dec), and the holidays, this wonderful gift comes my way.  I'm immensely thankful!

Ginny had a big moment yesterday.  For the first time ever, she recognized that she was in need of a diaper change and told me so.  Woo hoo!  Potty training here we come!

Update on my parents' situation:  It was confirmed yesterday that my Dad is on drugs.  My sister and I called it almost two months ago.  We knew that something fundamental had changed, but everyone around us was saying no, he wouldn't do that.  Damn, I hate being right about stuff like this.  Thankfully, Mom has had the locks on the house changed, so at least she's a bit safer.  Good news... Mom just got a referral to a great lawyer. 

I've had a couple of questions about what I'm crafting for Christmas... so here's the run down so far.  (All these ideas are from Pinterest... links included)

Felt Christmas Tree with Ornaments for the wee-lings.  Hopefully it will help keep them away from our big tree.  (this project is almost finished)

Terracotta Holy Family - made from terracotta pots, scraps of fabric, and wooden balls for the heads.  A cute, inexpensive addition to my collection of Nativity sets.  (have most of the materials)

Extra Sparkle -  (this one didn't have an actual link, but it's easy enough) glue one inch mirror tiles back to back, with a loop of ribbon.  Hang them on the tree after you put on the lights, but before you put on the rest of your ornaments.  Increase the sparkle and twinkle factor by up to 100%.  (having some issues tracking down the mirror tiles for a good price, and without having to pay ridiculous shipping charges)

Are you someone who starts thinking about Christmas super early, like me?  Or are you like my Beloved, adamant that Christmas is for December only?


  1. Woot! Potty training time! ;) On the great Christmas debate, I suppose it depends on what you mean by "thinking about Christmas." I start thinking about gifts and such early on so I can be prepared a little. BUT it is one of my biggest pet peeves to have decorations, music, etc for Christmas happening before December. Makes me want to punch people. LOL. I think the very earliest that it even might be acceptable is the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Before then it's just douchey. I think I feel that way about all holidays and seasons. Don't put up frilly pink hearts and crap in January. Don't put up fall decorations in summer. That's why it's called "seasonal" because it's supposed to align with the season or event. :)

    I am so very sorry to hear about your dad. That is heart breaking! And doubley so to be "right" about it again. Gah. Just awful. But I am glad that your mom has had the locks changed. Simply horrid. I'm so sorry.

    I would love to do that mirror thingy on my tree this year! I'm just afraid that my very inquisitive children would take to eating, breaking, or otherwise maiming themselves with the glass. LOL. Maybe I could use tinfoil taped/stapled over cardboard squares or something. Wouldn't reflect as much light but would be cheaper and safer??? Hmmm. I'll have to think about it. :)

  2. I LOVE Christmas, and I'm stockpiling ideas now, but I won't start working on most of them until October or November, and I won't decorate until after American Thanksgiving. We might not even be here for Christmas. The only thing I've been working on (since before last Christmas actually) is felt stockings for my little ones. They turned out to be way more complicated than I expected. I'd like to finish them soon so I don't risk not getting them done in time again this year. I have that felt Christmas tree pinned, too, and I'm really excited about doing it! I never did find you on Pinterest ...

    I just wanted to say, don't jump on the bandwagon too early with potty training. My little ones have been telling me for a while either that they are about to poop, are in the process of pooping (which is usually obvious) or that they just pooped, but when we've tried to get them to use the potty, they don't really get it, even for peeing. We're just being encouraging but not pushy, and I'm waiting for them to be ready.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your dad...that kind of stuff is so hard, my dad is in a similar situation. Ugh.

    Not thinking about Christmas yet....trying to think of what to do for Ruby's birthday which is only 8 days before. What to do, what to do!

    Glad the little ones are feeling better today :)

  4. These are fab Christmas ideas! Hard to think that way when it's plus 30 though huh?? Lol! Regarding your dad: I'm sorry to hear that but it kind of fits with all the other crazy ah!t going on with him unfortunately. :( sending hugs!


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