Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is For... William

Greetings Humble Readers...

I hope you're all doing well today.  Things here on the flatland are wet and rainy, but that's not so bad.  They're predicting snow for tomorrow which is bothersome on many levels, but I'm praying that it's the true end of winter.  When I was walking home from my NST appointment the other day I definitely saw crocus and tulip greens poking through in some of the neighbourhood gardens, so that means that spring will have to come eventually, right?

We're getting close to the end of the A to z challenge, and the closer to the end we get, the harder it is becoming for me to find fictional characters to talk about.  But thankfully, today wasn't so tough.  I want to tell you about my favourite victorian-era Canadian detective... William Murdoch (not to be confused with the captain of the Titanic by the same name). 
William Murdoch is a detective associated with the Toronto Constabulary in the 1890s.  He's remarkably well read, scientifically minded man, with a analytical bent that would do the most Grissom-like CSI proud.  His trusty sidekick, Constable Crabtree is a great foil to Murdoch's seriousness. 

I confess that I do tend to get aspects of Murdoch from the books by Maureen Jennings a little confused with the Murdoch from the tv show, as I started watching the show before I ever read any of the books.  The tv version does seem to play up the primitive forensics a heck of a lot more than the books do, but the books add a fascinating internal perspective on the workings of Murdoch's mind. 

I love the victorian setting, the forward thinking characters who are still bound within the cultural confines of their time, and the fact that it is a Canadian series that celebrates what Canada was in that time and place. 

Who's your favourite fictional detective?

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  1. Just wanted to tell you I'm finally all caught up on your blog posts!! This posting every day makes it hard to keep up with you missy!! Lol. I loved all the book posts and course the food ones. ;) can't believe you are getting so close to meeting the baby!! And can't believe mine is 11 days old!? Thanks for the lovely email back!! I'm working on baby's birth story so stay tuned. I started it on Saturday so what does that tell you? Lol!


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