Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is For... Violet

Howdy Humble Readers!

After getting only half of my to do list done today, I'm off to go do some crafting with some friends.  I really am not letting myself feel bad about not getting to cleaning the bathroom today (it will still be there tomorrow) or working on Ginny's babybook (it will be there tomorrow, too).  I have finally decided what I'm going to do with Ginny's toys, and that was half of the issue there.  Tomorrow, it will be put in place!

But, before I head off to my friend Sira's place for some grown up girl talk, I need to tell you about my V fictional character.  Again, I've struggled with coming up with someone.  I could have gone with multiple Harry Potter characters (Voldemort, Viktor Krum, Vincent Crabbe), but they didn't inspire me.  I've never identified with Veronica from the Archie comics.  I even considered Virgil Tibbs from In The Heat Of The Night, but I had to read that one in 8th grade, and I hated it. 

So what is a girl to do? 

She cops out, that's what. 

Today, I give you Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham.  The best of the best edwardian bad-asses.  (For those of you who haven't watched Downton Abbey, why the hell not???? It's only the best show ever!)
Only Maggie Smith could do this role justice!
I love how Violet preserves this aura of decorum and propriety, when really she's just a mean old biddy who isn't afraid to speak her mind.  She's the queen of the one-liner, and she can put the most uppity politician or military man in his place.  She's fiercely protective of her family, even when she's tearing them a new one in private. 

I adore the balance between Violet and Cousin Isobel (Matthew's mother).  They constantly are doing battle, and you really never know who's going to win. 

She's a biotch and makes no bones about it.  She says the things we all wish we could get away with saying. 

Who's your favourite fictional biotch?


  1. Love, love, love Downton Abbey :) I"m so bummed we have to wait until January for the next season. Favorite fictional bitch.....I'll have to get back to you on that one.....

  2. I think Jane Austen has written some of my favorite literary bitches. Caroline Bingley and Fanny Dashwood spring to mind. Not forgetting Lucy Steele and Augusta Elton. Ooh and Lady Catherine de Bourgh.... I could go on and on!


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