Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is For... Q (And a Request For Input)

Hey Humble Readers...

Today was not nearly as productive as I would have liked.  I only got half of my to do list for the day done... and none of the big stuff.  *sigh*  I ended up sleeping for the entire two and a half hours that Ginny napped this morning.  I guess I've been pushing it a bit hard. 

So, we're up to Q in the A to z Challenge... and I wracked my brain.  Surely to goodness I have read sometime, somewhere a book with a character with a name that starts with Q, but I am totally at a loss. 

And so I am copping out.  Instead of a 'book' fictional character, I'm going to use a tv/movie fictional character.  And really there is only one Q...

But I'm sure if you've never watched any of the newer Star Trek permutations, then you probably don't know who I'm talking about.  He is, quite possibly, my favourite Star Trek character of all time.  And yes, his name is Q.

Actually, he is one of many Qs.  He, and all the others like him called Q, are omnipotent, godlike, and,  for lack of a better term, are all shit-disturbers.  They like to create trouble and see how lesser beings deal with it.  Think Loki, combined with Puck, with the arrogance of Zeus thrown in for good measure. 

As I said, a shit-disturber of the highest order.  He would infuriate and confound the straight-laced captains and their crews.  But he always managed to get them to think outside the box... to look at a situation in a different way.  He's funny, so long as you're not his current target, and, at the same time, empowering. 

I need some input.  I made a commitment to myself this year that we would eat meat-free at least once a week.  So far, it's been pretty simple.  Pastas, soups, enchiladas... I can make all of those well, and I'm happy with them. 

But I'm bored.  And throw in the fact that spring is here... I want something new.  Something different. 

For those of you who do the meat-free thing more regularly, what other kinds of things do you cook in the warmer months?  My Beloved and I aren't big into tofu, we are more like your typical prairie meat and potatoes type of people. 

I want something that tastes good, that's satisfying, and that doesn't cost more than meat to make.  Any suggestions?


  1. My favorite meat free meals all seem to contain mushrooms. The mushroom somehow seems to make up for the lack of meat. Mushroom risotto with lots of wine and Parmesan cheese is wonderful. I also cut up mushroom really small and use it like mince, so in a spag bol or a chilie. Baked stuffed peppers are also delicious, as is stuffed marrow. For summer time I live on huge greek salads with seeds and pine nuts and lots of tomatoes olives and feta. Spanakopita is pretty awesome too. Hope that helps!

  2. I love Q - STNG was a weekly event in my house.

    As for meat free, I usually do that for lunch a few times a week. My favourites are large asian or mexican inspired salads with cold noodles/pasta.

  3. I have an entire blog about how to do that. You don't have to read all of it, and I only just started it, so I still have TONS of recipes (particularly garden friendly ones) to add. Just click on the "recipes" link and you'll see what I have. But basically, all I do, is find ANY food we like that has a sauce (orange chicken, beef stroganoff, etc) and make it without meat, and add some type of protein (never tofu) and add extra veggies. Every once in a while I come up with a "new" recipe, but then I always run the risk of it being disgusting. Anyway, hope I have something you'll like. And I do have more recipes to post, just have been busy. I'll try to be better. :)

  4. I LOVE Q!

    And, I just ran across this recipe for mushroom tacos.

  5. Ah, Q. Brings back memories of going to Star Trek conventions with my aunt and our annual Star Trek New Year's Eve parties. Klingon Krispies, anyone? Yes, we made ST themed food, lol.

    I made this recipe without the chicken and thought it was great:


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