Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is For... ???

Hey Humble Readers...

I think I have officially hit the wall.  I CANNOT decide on a fictional character who's name starts with P.  I can think of several... but none of them are providing the appropriate level of inspiration for me to write about.  *sigh*

Paddington Bear
Pippin (oops, already talked about him)
Peter Parker
Peter Pevinsie
countless Princesses (all those historical novels)

Okay, so maybe not several, but a few. 

Can you think of any great "P" fictional characters? 

Quick update... had my consult with the anesthesiologist today.  He confirmed that we are indeed only doing a spinal (not an epidural, tho).  We talked about how things went last time, and possible things to expect this time... the heaviness in the chest, difficulty taking a deep breath, etc.  We also talked about my insulin for the day before the surgery.  I'm to cut my evening dose in half and then not take any in the morning.  I am allowed to have clear fluids in the morning if I feel like I'm having a sugar low. 

And as another aside... I think I might be getting to that point where my insulin needs are leveling off.  I've had an increase in sugar lows over the last few days.  I think I may need to dial back my mealtime insulin a bit. 


  1. Petra Pan, The Girl Who Never Wanted To Grow Up. Oh, wait, there is no such book. Meh!

  2. My favorite: Pippi Longstocking

  3. I totally vote for Pippin. So you already mentioned him, so what? He's freaking awesome! :) He deserves his own post. Anyway, glad you're feeling a bit better... though I don't know, is sugar low "better?" And you've got to be getting excited talking to the anesthesiologist makes it seem so "real." AWESOME! Can't wait to meet the new little Hobbit! :)

  4. I thought of Pocahontas...though she is not a fictional character.

    And in Pebbles Flintstone.

    Pumba! From The Lion King!


  5. Pip from Great Expectations? I agree Pippi is a good one. And I am a Shakespeare buff so, Perdita, Petruchio, Polonius, Portia, Puck, Prospero? Perhaps I should have done the A to Z of Shakespeare characters!

  6. I'd have gone with Peeta, but then...that's sort of my go-to these days, lol! Pippi Lockstockings is a great second choice though. And Pippin, even if you have talked about him already!

  7. LOL...I also thought of Pokemon and Pikachu...


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