Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hobbit-ish Potpurri:Hell No, I'm Not Complaining* (Again!)

Greetings Humble Readers...

(*sarcasm - I don't want to sound like a whiner, but the last couple days have just been a drag.  This pregnancy has been harder physically than with Ginny, and I really feel bad for griping.  BUT, this is my blog and these are my feelings.  If this isn't something you can handle today, I understand.)

So, I saw the unremarkable Dr. B today.  I admit that I went into the appointment already a bit crabby, but I really felt like the whole thing was a waste of time and cab fare.  I was weighed and had my blood pressure checked.  He listened to the baby's heartbeat (152 bpm) and measured my belly (measuring ahead by about a week).  And that was it.  He basically blew off my questions...
  • Can I increase the dosage on my Zan.tac? (getting heartburn in the middle of the day, taking tums which are screwing with my blood sugar)  Talk to Dr. W about it next week.
  • Should I be concerned about the rapid weight gain?  (Gained 3-ish pounds over two days... for a normal sized preggo, that's a concern.  I'm still below my pre-preg weight tho.)  Talk to Dr. W about it next week.
  • How low is my 'low-lying placenta'? (Is it just low-lying or is it a partial previa? Scheduling the next u/s?) Talk to Dr. W about it next week.
I'm really thinking that the whole appointment was just to make sure that I had an appointment scheduled with Dr. W.  Grr...

Speaking of blood sugars, I'm going through another bit of a rough patch.  I feel like I'm on a ridiculous amount of insulin right now, and I know it's only going to get 'worse' from here, but I'm missing my targets pretty regularly (not by a lot) and it's pissing me off.  I'm incredibly bored with my breakfast and lunch options and, because of that boredom, I've made some lousy choices over the last few days (whoda thunk that raisin bran would be bad for a diabetic?  It's not like I ate some sugar laced marshmallow cereal.  I should have realized it tho, if I had actually thought about it).  I need a kick in the a$$ to get refocussed here.

Ginny is also going through a rough patch.  She's got a cough, which sounds a heck of a lot worse than it is, she's teething (about 4 teeth), and she's gotten into a mischievous attitude lately that is draining Mommy's patience (she has a new thing for the kitchen garbage can and kleenex boxes... both items are fun to empty when Mommy's not looking).  And napping is really hit and miss, with a mega four hour nap one day and then hardly any naps for three days.  I adore my wee girl, but these days she's not very sweet.

We have a potluck at church this weekend, and I'm torn about what to take.  Part of me just wants to make a huge bowl of black bean salad (with tomatoes, bell peppers and corn in a lime chili vinaigrette) because it would be simple and cheap, but I don't really know how well that would go over.  But I know that chicken wings would go over great, but they're more expensive and impossible to keep warm during Sunday School and service.  Thoughts?  Alternate suggestions?

Ginny's vocabulary - I took Kristin's suggestion from the other day, and have been giving Ginny direct instructions on various things to find out how much she's understanding.  It has eased my mind a fair bit, as she knows what I'm talking about when I ask her about Daddy, puppies (she points to pictures), her stuffies by name (Stanley, Big Bear, Baby Bear, Bedtime Bear, Aurora, Dolly), her toes, babies, her milk/cup, and yesterday when I asked her where Mommy was, she patted me on the arm repeatedly (she knows who I am... thank heaven!).  I am going to try not to stress about her not really talking for another couple of months.  My Beloved and I have set a deadline... if we don't see an improvement by the time she's 18 months old then we will seek out some further help/intervention.  I am also going to press my MIL for more information about how non-verbal my Beloved was as a toddler/preschooler.  The family story is that he just didn't talk until he was almost 5, and then presto he talked.  I need more info. 


  1. My nephew was really slow developing vocabulary. He was like Ginny in that he seemed to understand everything, but never spoke. Have you thought about putting her in some school/daycare? I know she is a bit young, but something where she is around other kids for a portion of the day. Once he started preschool, he caught up quickly.

  2. I love that black bean salad. I was actually someone had brought it to the potluck that I attended, if not I might never have tried it!

    Ugh, the garbage can? I've dealt with the Kleenex (we just stuff them back into the box in preparation for the next round) but not garbage. I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

  3. Dr. B sounds like a maddening pain in the ass.

    Stages like Ginny is in are tough.

    Go with the black bean salad. It sounds delish.

    Einstein didn't talk until about 4.


  4. You are allowed to complain, it's your blog!! :) whatbthe hell is wrong with Dr. B!? Can't wait til you see the new doc instead. Sheesh!

  5. OK, chick... This is YOUR space. Pregnancy isn't easy and we've all had fantasies of sending our toddler out with their Daddy until either 1) the kid missed us so much they stopped being an ass, 2) Daddy missed us so much he bought a great big "you rock, I don't know how you do it" present or 3) both. No one is going to give you shit for acknowledging that in your own space. (You hear me, people... LOL)

    That said:
    - Unremarkable sounds like an understatement. (Also, not to be an alarmist, but I'd watch the rapid weight gain... could be normal water retention, but for me was the first sign of pre-e).
    - Sorry the GD GD is getting you down. Wish I had some insights here :(
    - I'm late to the party on the potluck, but that black bean salad sounds delish.
    - Some kids are slow to speak. My husband didn't talk until he was almost 5. Then, he just started talking in sentences and all out of nowhere (much like your beloved). The fact that she knows what you're talking about is way more important than her being able to get words out right. My niece (17 months) also says very little. I think she's got maybe 6 words, and she's in the same environment as Lil G all day everyday. Some kids just pick it up slower. Also, I'm sorry. I feel a little bad now for being so braggy about Graham.

  6. Oh and, I'm right there with you on the garbage can and the Kleenex boxes. Maddening!


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