Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Scares The Hell Out Of Me

Humble Readers,

I came across this story online a couple of days ago, and it just blows my mind. 

The gist of it is that presumably a group of kids, incensed that one of their neighbours didn't hand out Halloween candy, wrote him a letter of complaint.  Here's what the letter said (spelling/grammar is copied verbatim from the letter):

Dear Mister:

Just in case you didn't know, last night was Hallo'ween.  The lady who lived there before made us candy apples.  Last night there were no candy apples.  Come to think of it there was no candy at all from your home!
We think that is just wrong and would like you to rectify this for next year. 
Chocolate bars would be ok since you are a mister and probably don't know how to make Miss Toby's candy apples. 
Chips we get too much of.

Children of the Hood...

Ps:  Don't give us apples we're not allowed to eat anything that isn't packaged.
If you feel bad, you can deliver the candy to us all on the weekend.  Maybe Sat, we are all pretty much out of candy by then, and it's cheap to buy now.

I am absolutely appalled that any kid would write and deliver such a letter.  It seems clear to me that the parents were involved, at least a bit, as the language of the letter doesn't strike me as that of an elementary school or middle school student.  It sounds like an adult trying to sound like a kid. 

The attitude of entitlement and greed exhibited by these kids (and their parents) is shocking, and honestly it scares me for the type of world in which Ginny and Halfling 2.0 are going to grow up.  I hope and pray that my Beloved and I will be able to instill an attitude of thankfulness and understanding in our children. 

(I think this qualifies for Kristin's WTF Wednesday, don't you?)

I have another post percolating about the culture of false fairness that seems to have developed over the last few years.  It seems to tie in with this one, but I need to think it through a little bit more before I put it out there.

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