Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hobbit-ish Potpurri: Weather Worries

Hey Humble Readers...

It's been really unseasonably warm the last couple of days, and I am loving it!  Normally around this time of year, we're sitting just around the freezing mark for a daytime high, and we have been getting up to 12 degrees!  (that's somewhere in the mid 50s for my friends who use Fahrenheit).  Gorgeous!  The kicker is, by Monday we're supposed to be getting our first real winter storm, with 10cm of snow.  And Monday is the day that we need to drive two hours south.  Ugh!

Somehow in the midst of everything going on this autumn I managed to forget to contact the photographer that we had made preliminary arrangements with for Ginny's first birthday portraits.  Bad news is that she's all booked up.  Soooo, instead of cute cake smash pics taken in our home, we're going to be doing the standard Sears portraits.  Oh well.  I went and did a little shopping this evening and found the outfit she's going to wear tomorrow for the pics.  I think it's super cute, and I can't wait to see and share the results.

It generally takes a lot to gross me out, especially when it comes to forensic content on tv shows.  I love Bones, CSI, Law & Order, and pretty much any other cop procedural drama out there.  But the one thing that just makes me nauseous is anything to do with competitive eating.  And the cop shows seem to run with this storyline at least once a year.  Can someone please tell me what is entertaining about watching someone jam an obscene amount of hot dogs, chicken wings, or pie?  And what qualifies this as a sport?  *shudder*  I just think it's absolutely disgusting on sooooo many levels. 

Kidney stone(s) appear to be moving about today.  Not a lot of sharp pain, but just aggravating enough to make things rather uncomfortable.  I wish these things would just pass already.  I know it's a painful process (my dad has dealt with them on several occasions), but I would rather just have it over. 

Good news on the GD front... sort of.  I've been experiencing some moderate lows.  The lows suck, but it means that we are really close to having my insulin levels figured out, and once they are stabilized, it will only be a matter of tweaking them as this pregnancy goes on.  Yay!

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