Monday, March 28, 2011

Ginevra @ Four Months

Good Morning Humble Readers...

Okay, so this ICLW has been a bit of a write-off for me.  I just couldn't get into the zone.  Honestly, I think I just needed a break from my computer, to unplug for a few days.  Just crappy timing...

But, now that I'm plugged back in, it's time for some new pics of my wee sweet girl. 

Such pretty eyes!
Ginny's four months old as of yesterday and I happen to think that she's pretty gosh darn adorable. 

All dressed up for church
At our most recent doctor's appointment, a week and a half ago, she weighed in at 13 pounds 6.5 ounces. Her cradle cap is getting much better, and her neck and back are getting stronger every day.  She's certainly come a long way in two months, from hardly being able to hold her head up to being able to sit up (with Mommy or Daddy near by) for a minute here or there. 

Rockin' the bumbo chair!
Sadly, she's losing her hair.  It started with the ubiquitous spot on the back of her head where it rubs, but now she's losing it on the sides too.  It won't be long before she's bald, I'm sure.  She's also had some bumps along the way already (like when she used her legs to push herself off the couch... scared the tar out of us both!), but she wouldn't be my child otherwise. 

Look at me, I'm standin'!

Oops!  Not any more!
I'm not sure that she's ever going to recognize her name as her's.  Both my Beloved and I tend to use pet names when we talk to her, and her real name (not Ginevra, for those new to the hobbit-hole.  That's just her bloggy name.  Check out the posts just after she was born if you want to be in the know!) rarely gets used.  Honestly, it still feels strange to say it, like it feels funny in my mouth, if that makes any sense.  I think part of it is because we had her name chosen for so long that it's still surreal to actually say it aloud. 

Yesterday she got to meet her new cousin, Thor (technically, he's our great-nephew).  He's the little guy who was born 7 weeks early, and his EDD was today.  It was our first time getting to meet him and he's just a little dolly!

Hangin' with Great-Gramma
Thor's almost doubled in weight, and in comparison with the pictures we saw when he was first born he's looking much more filled out.  It was so odd holding him, because Ginny was just so much heavier even as a newborn.  It was like holding a little ball of fluff in comparison.  And he still has that new baby cry (not to be confused with the new car smell)...

Great-Gramma/Gramma hangin' out with the babies
We came to a decision about how Ginny is going to address her cousins on Beloved's side of the family.  Because they are all so much older than her, she will call them Aunt and Uncle.  I mean, she's got cousins who are only a few years younger than me... and it's important to me that she show respect to the adults in her life. 
Well that's about it for now.  I need to go start some buns to go with dinner...


  1. Oh Mrs. G, she's such a doll!! Seriously, so, so cute, and getting so big. Thank you for sharing her w/us.

  2. Cutie pie!

    Thor, what an awesome name. My hubby would totally want to name a boy Thor. Or Ragnar. But I vetoed that one :)

  3. such great pictures. what a cutie she is.

  4. She is so gorgeous, really happy to hear she is doing well!!

  5. Omigosh!! Love those blue eyes! Could she get any cuter??? :) Thanks for posting the lovely pics!

  6. Precious! Precious! Precious! I could just eat her up! :) Seems like P was just that little goes so fast.

    Thanks for sharing your pics...loved them!

  7. Super cute! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

  8. Please, please, please tell me how it has been 4 months since that beautiful little girl was born? It just doesn't seem possible.

    She is absolutely scrumptious.


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