Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Randomness & Some Pics

Howdy Humble Readers...

Because there are still so many things to bring you up to date on, I'm going to continue in a hobbit-ish potpurri type format.  Hope you all don't mind...

Ginevra has the worst case of baby acne I've ever seen.  We're supposed to have some professional photos taken next week, and I'm hoping that the spots are at least down to a dull roar by then.  Interesting to note... mommy has also started to break out again, for the first time in 8 months or so.  Connected? Perhaps...

That cake I mentioned the other day... OMG!  It turned out soooooo good.  And it was super easy.  For someone like me who is baking-challenged, it is by far the best cake recipe ever!  And the recipe is totally alterable, which you can never really do with baked goods.  Love it!  Here's a pic...

The only thing that didn't really work out was the ganache I made as a glaze.  I wasn't thinking and used half & half rather than heavy cream, and the ganache didn't turn out very smooth.  Still tasted great tho...

We're heading to K-town to visit my family at the beginning of next month.  Ginny's first airplane ride... I hope and pray we don't end up being 'that' family with the ubiquitous screaming baby on the plane.  And I'm also praying that the week before we have to drive to Calgary (the airport) we get a nice big chinook.  Bonus hobbit points for anyone not from western Canada who knows what a chinook is!  (no cheating and looking it up online!)

Big news in this hobbit's world... New Kids On The Block are coming to Edmonton again!  Woohooo!  The teenage girl that still lives in a small corner of my heart is ecstatic!  Hopefully my sister and I will be able to go.  Yes, I am that big of a geek, but you all knew that...  (and if you didn't know, let me tell you about when we camped out for tickets when we were in highschool...)

Something to ponder... I'm still on the Zan.tac that I was put on during pregnancy.  I've tried unsuccessfully to wean myself off it a few times.  Every time I'm stop taking it completely the heartburn comes back, and surprisingly, I get an IBS flare.  Can an antacid control IBS?  Hmm...

If I continue losing weight, I'm going to have to take my rings in to be sized.  And I seriously need to do some shopping... I have exactly two pairs of pants that fit, and I don't like either one. 

And now for the really good stuff... pics of my girl
Dressed Up for Christmas

Isn't my flower divine?

Rockin' her first pair of jeans!

100% Organic (the baby that is!)
I adore this face...

Daddy and his girl

Ginevra with her cousins, Oscar & Felix

(I hate me in this pic, but...) Mommy & Baby Girl catchin' some zzzzz

Asleep in the wrapping paper

In the cradle

My future's soooo bright...


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful baby!

    I'm from Ontario and know what a chinook is. I went to university in Lethbridge and had a 45 minute walk to school. Some mornings I would bundle up and trudge through inches of snow and come home in a t-shirt through inches of mud.

  2. Oh my goodness Ginny is too cute for words! If you e-mail me (arminta underscore ward at yahoo dot com) your address and Ginny's approximate head size (newborn or 3 months, i.e. little head or big head) I'll send you some decorations to keep her head warm (aka hats).

    OK, I am from OH, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think a chinook is a sudden heat wave after a blizzard or while snow is on the ground... I have friends from Calgary and they sent pics once of them on their deck in their swimming/summer gear (the guys were shirtless) but surrounded by snow and the caption was "It's 75 degrees here" and the e-mail said the snow was mostly melted in one afternoon and mentioned a chinook. So from that context I'm making the heat wave guess...

    Also, baby acne sucks! Graham had terrible acne until about 9-10 weeks, then it was completely gone by 12 weeks. The good thing is that it wasn't nearly as obvious in pics as it was in person.

  3. Ginny is absolutely adorable!

    As for the baby acne, don't stress, it is fairly easy to edit it out of pictures. Also, talk to your pediatrician. Gabe had what I thought was baby acne and it turned out it was actually a topical yeast infection (looked identical to baby acne).

  4. isn't a Chinook a very warm strong wind?

    Cute baby pics!

    And that cakes looks to DIE for. Seriously to die for! LOL! I think I would die if I had a piece.

    I HATE baking! Can NOT stand the smell of flour. Ick!

  5. Mmmm...carbs..I mean cake.

    She is so cute! Love the little jeans :)

  6. Love the pics! You all look so darn happy!

    Since you can't share the actual cake with us, do share the recipe for the cake.

  7. Great pics! I use zantac to control my ibs a lot. Whenever I get a sour stomach or reflux or heartburn I use it and it makes things better. However, if things are really bad it doesn't help that much. Love that cake.

  8. That cake looks amazing! And G is sooooo adorable! Enjoy your trip!

  9. she's just gorgeous!

    Dexter had the worst baby acne - it was so bad that they thought he had a staph infection and it didn't clear until we put him on soy formula at almost 4 months :(

    I hope your little miss clears up soon

  10. Ginny is beautiful! LOVE the organic onesie--too cute!

    Motherhood is quite the adventure, isn't it?!

    Best wishes!


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