Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 36: A Conundrum & Blog Challenge Day 12: Being OCD

Howdy Humble Readers!

I'm late getting stuff posted today, so this is going to be one heck of a long post I think.  I apologize in advance, but I really do need some input. 

So first up... something I'm OCD about.  I thought long and hard about this, because I am a slightly neurotic hobbit.  There are certain things that I must have done a certain way... the way our gazillion pillows are arranged on the bed, the way my spices are organized in the cupboard, the fact that I have to match up lids with the right tupperware when they get put away.  But I ultimately decided that my biggest obsession is with making lists.  My to do lists never really get finished, just rewritten wth more things added to it.  I've inventoried my freezers and update that list daily.  When we travel I have to list everything we need to pack, otherwise I'm sure I'll forget something.  I confess, there are times I add things to my lists that I have already completed, just so that I have something to cross off.  I told you, I'm certifiable. 

Okay... Here's the update:

How far along? 36w0d

Maternity clothes?  This is where I have a SERIOUS CONUNDRUM.  I need to order my nursing bras soon... but I'm torn between what size and style to get.  Here's the thing... I really do need to order these bras because this little city where we live only has one place to get plus sized nursing bras, but they charge close to $100 EACH!!  I can't spend that, so I have to order.  Generally I'm a 44D (I think I'm closer to a DD right now), but I don't know how big I might get when my milk comes in.  Any of you plus sized mamas out there have any input?  This is the website that I'm planning on ordering from, and I'm trying to decide between the Original Plus or the Original Double Plus.  Help!

Body Oddities? Pubic bone pain is no fun.  My pre-existing stretchmarks are getting darker, but no new ones.  My feet and hands tend to fall asleep easily these days, which makes getting up in the middle of the night to pee a dangerous endeavour. 

Sleep?  Had a couple of really good nights and a couple really bad nights this week.  I seem to do better if I can manage to stay awake until 10:30 or 11:00, but that's hard most nights.

Best moment this week?  My OB appointment on Wednesday got cancelled because Dr. U had two emergency c-sections that morning.  I was already at the hospital for my NST when I found out, so he came in to check on me there.  All was well with the NST, and he commented to the nurse who was writing up my report that I am the 'most motivated patient' he has ever had.  I know I've said that I adore him, but really... he just rocks!  (his comment especially made me feel good, considering my worst moment... see below)

Worst moment? When I was at the hospital for my NST, the nurse gave me serious heck for not doing kick counts (except for when the Halfling is really quiet).  I really felt like I was seven years old getting a lecture from a teacher.  

Movement?  Super frequent (which is why I haven't been doing kick counts!).  He/she actually kept me awake a couple of nights ago.  According to the u/s I had last week, the Halfling has flipped a bit (head down, but facing to the left now... used to be facing to the right).  He/she is still on an angle tho.

Food cravings?  No true cravings... just obsessing about things I can't have.  Ice cream, chocolate, anything with bread.  Dai.ry Qu.een has their pumpking pie blizzards right now... *sigh*

Rings? Off... and I think they'll be staying off now for a while.  My fingers aren't consistently puffy, but I'm terrified that they will get stuck someday and I'll have to get them cut off.

Gender? Not going to find out, but I think it's a boy.  I recently found out that I am the subject of two pools at my Beloved's office.  One pool for the gender, one for the date.

Intense Dreams? I've been dreaming about blood again, like I was in the first trimester.  I don't like those dreams.  None of them have been baby oriented, but blood has figured strongly in all of them. 

Medical Concerns? High blood pressure (on 50mg Trandate/Lobetalol, 3 times a day... this week began my weekly NSTs, and I am happy to report that my bp has gone way down!), Gestational Diabetes (waking numbers are still off target, but everything else is pretty good, except when I'm stupid), on prescription Zan.tac for heartburn. I will probably be induced in week 39... holy crap, that's soon!

What I miss?  Can't think of anything new... just wishing I could walk like a normal person I guess.

What I look forward to?  Finishing the nursery this week, feeling ready for this little person to arrive (will I ever feel ready?!?!), not having sore hips.

Emotional State?  Pretty even keeled, I think.  No major meltdowns this week.  Just occasional grouchiness.


  1. How are you 36 weeks? Lol! Amazing! I bet you are anxious to meet your little guy/gal! So are we :)

  2. I'm so not one to give this advice because I'm rather small chested, but I would err on the size of too large. I went up two cup sizes - not just after my milk came in but permanently. Not in a good way, it's a lot of stretched skin that didn't bounce back.

    I don't know many ladies who can say that their bra size returned to their post pregnancy state.

    Though, I was a B cup (sigh). Hopefully, you'll get some advice from some ladies with more lady-like figures.

  3. I haven't been doing kick counts either. I had asked my midwives about it a couple weeks ago, and they said not to worry about it until I was 34 weeks. Well, I'm almost 36 and haven't started! But honestly, I know how much he moves, and if I notice a change, I start counting.

    You have less than a month to go! Incredible!

  4. Be careful Mama Hobbit (OK, there's no danger, I just wanted to say that!), if you're anything like me (and it sounds like you are on this one) you will shrink substantially after the halfling is born. I was also conflicted about sizing for the nursing bra. Before I got pregnant I was a 48DD, while I was pregnant my bands became too big (riding up my back), while my cups became too small. So, I decided to pick up couple of cheap-o bras from Walmart to help figure it out, and to have them when my milk came in. I got a 46DDD and a 44DDD. They were both too big. I have a 42DDD on the way. Also, I really like the bras. I'm actually going to just order more of the same style if the 42 works fits. Seriously, I'm happy with $12 bras, and I'm normally a $40+ bra gal (have to be to keep these bazongas in line).

    Re: milk coming in... My breasts didn't get a lot bigger, just firm. Really firm. They didn't shrink with my band size, but they didn't grow either. But when my milk came (and still when I'm full) they got really firm and a little warm. So, don't freak if your boobies get hard :)

  5. I was part of the titty bitty titty committee before I got pregnant with Nae. After her and then nursing my breasts got pretty big. I went up 2 cup sizes and that was AFTER I was done nursing, so definitely go bigger. I like what Minta suggested, see if you can do a trial run with a cheap bra. Good luck, hon!

  6. Go with the Bra.vado double plus, it's what i wear and wore for both. now that the lo is 6months old i've shrunk a bit (i've also lost 25 lbs - bonus of nursing!) but htey are super comfy when you are engorged or just simply full the first night lo sleeps through the night etc. i wear them exclusively at night - nothing else will do. I have the XL++ because i am normally a 46G and am now an I cup and they still work. Just be aware that you will change size through out the first yr (not sure how long you plan on bf'ing) and any "fitted" bras will need to be replaced after solids start. When you want to go somewhere special be sure to get a fitted bra because these don't do much for your figure but honestly i live in my XL++'s, I have 3 (and one from 6 yrs ago that still has enough life in it to be slept in) anything i bought during pg is garbage now between the weight loss and deflation they just don't fit.

  7. I am the exact same way when it comes to the to-do list. I have a notebook (or should I say notebookS) that I use solely for to-do lists. And what do you have to have to cross those things off? Lots of pens! OMG, it's ridiculous :)

    Wish I could help you out on the bra front. I'm still debating on that as well. I'll probably just get cheap ones at Tar.get and see how it goes from there.

  8. I like the "plus style" bra better, but that's just me. :-) I think it might give better support, too.


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