Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 11: A Recent Photo of Me (AKA the ONLY Belly Pics)

Good Morning Humble Readers!

Okay... so some of you asked a few months ago, and I said no.  But now that I'm this close to the end, I thought it was time to document this journey.  And today's assignment is the perfect opportunity to do so.

These pics were taken last night, in my school bus yellow living room. 


So that's me... right now.  Looking (and feeling) ginormous.

Today is Halloween, traditionally one of my favourite 'holidays'.  I love carving pumpkins, and I adore seeing the little kids in their costumes.  Sadly we don't get any kids where we are living now.  I haven't carved pumpkins in the last couple of years either, mostly because I usually would have been scheduled to work. 

This year has also been challenging Halloween-wise because of the GD.  This is one of the only times of year that you can actually get the good Kra.ft Caramels readily.  And don't get me started on mini peanut butter cups *drool*.

So, my question for you all is... what is your least favourite Halloween candy?  You know, the ones that were always left at the end of November, the dregs of your loot bag.  For me it was the lollipops, and the Rockets (I think you call them Smarties in the US)... those rolls of multi coloured asp.irin shaped sugar tablets.  Yuck!  But the worst of the worst... those nasty too chewy toffees that come wrapped in the orange, yellow, and black wrappers.  Does anyone even make those anymore? 


  1. I HATED anything that was just sugar, or sour. All about the chocolate, LOL. The dumdums I kept for those cold morning dry throats :)

    And you look fabulous!

  2. Great pic!!

    I didn't really love tootsie rolls or candy corn. Still don't! LOL!

  3. You're gorgeous, Mama!

    I don't think people hand these out anymore but I always had peanuts leftover at the bottom of my bag.

  4. You look so good!! You are seriously glowing!! Can't wait to meet the Halfling..And my least favorite Halloween candy..Candy Corn & Snickers..I know, shameful, lol.

  5. The worst Halloween candies are circus peanuts (shudder) and candy corn. Hated those. GACK. You look very very cute and radiant in your full fledged preggers belly. Congratulations and wishing you all the best in the weeks to come.

  6. I love that top! You look great :)

    My least favorite candy would have to be Tootsie Rolls, Smarties or Jolly Ranchers. Pretty much anything that wasn't chocolate.

    Reese's PB Cups were (and still are) my favorite treat :)

  7. Lookin' good, Mama!!!

    I hated licorice (red or black) and the toffees in the orange and black waxed paper. G and my sister took the boys this year and they came back with almost all chocolate. Times they are a changin'! We used to get mostly cheap candy with the occasional bit of chocolate.

  8. You look lovely!! Love the pictures! I've been around reading and trying to stay caught up, just hadn't commented in a long time! You're in the homestretch! Thinking of you! xo

  9. Oh My!!! That is YELLOW!! LOL!!! But I wouldn't expect anything different! :)
    Great pic of you and I love the top you have on!
    Hmmm candy I don't like...too many too mention. I am ALL for the peanutbutter cups! MMM....

  10. You look AMAZING! That is a beautiful top, btw.

    We don't get any kids here either and it kind of sucks. I love handing out candy and seeing all the costumes.

    My least favorite candy are those taffy chewy things you were talking about, too. UHG they're so gross!

  11. You look GORGEOUS! As for nursing bras, buy them the size you are now. The cups generally have 3 sets of takes care of the super full moments, one takes care of normal, and one takes care of the immediate post nursing. If you check out my "Let's hear it for the girls" post (on my side bar)I have a few links for great plus size nursing bras.


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