Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 13: A Novel & Some Randomness

Greetings Humble Readers...

So, today's assignment is to post about a novel.  This is probably one of the easiest posts so far.

This is what I'm reading right now...

Written by Anne Fortier, this is a well crafted story of intrigue and romance.  A young woman, Julie Jacobs, inherits the key to a safety deposit box in Siena, Italy and she sets out to find out all she can about her long dead parents.  Her search unearths a historical account of two feuding families, two young lovers, and their tragic quest to follow their hearts... sound familiar?  As Julie gets closer to finding the answers to the mystery surrounding her parents' deaths, she finds that she is being drawn into the centuries old feud between the Tolemeis and the Salembenis.  Is she really a direct descendant of the 'real' Juliet?  What did her parents die trying to keep secret? 

I'm only about halfway through, but I am thoroughly enjoying this book.  If you are a fan of historical mystery, Shakespeare, or romance then I can safely say this is one you should check into.

It's official.  I have to stop making meals to freeze.  I'm almost out of tupperware, and I'm down to one casserole dish.  Now I'm on to baking (I can use z.iplo.c bags for that!).  I made a dozen & a half carrot raisin muffins last night, and I'm making these ricotta cookies this afternoon.  Pfefferneusse will be later in the week, and then shortbread and peanut butter marshmallow squares next week. 

Now that we are officially past Halloween, I can feel okay about putting out the Christmas lights.  I won't be plugging them in yet of course, but I would like to have them set up before we get really cold weather or snow that actually sticks around.  That's on today's to do list, along with working on the nursery


  1. I can't wait to see the nursery!

  2. I know that frrezer issue. And I REALLY want to start doing what you are doing but we simply don't have the space. We want to get a chest freezer so I can do that...if we can somehow afford it. I want your freezer...there is yumminess in it!

  3. Wow, the book sounds great and it's fab to hear you have more energy and have been able to make so much food :) I barely ever bake, so you inspire me!!

  4. The book looks good - we love lots of the same books so I will definitely check this one out. If I ever finish Pillars of the Earth. Oh my.
    Can't wait to see the nursery!!
    Thanks for the comment about my IUI today... i am going to get some blood work done tomorrow. No sure what that will answer really, but off I go!

  5. That sounds like a really good read. I wonder if my library has it?

    BTW, what are some of the meals you've been cooking and freezing?

  6. I can't believe how close you are to your due date! I'm impressed by how motivated and organized you are. At this point I'd be flat on my bum, using my burgeoning belly as an excuse to do NOTHING. :o)

  7. I will definitely add that one to the list. I am a sucker for any period book or movie. Have you read anything by Sarah Dunant like The Birth of Venus or In The Company of the Courtesan? They are both set in the Renaissance and the characters are linked to famous paintings. Love them both!


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